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Beam Alliance Central Vacuum

Beam Alliance Central Vacuum

Limited edition Beam Alliance central vacuum package – quiet power, and innovative technology

Beam has been a leader in central vacuum systems design for over 50 years. Its latest offering, the Alliance line, continues that tradition with the use of smart technology, powerful yet quiet motors, superior suction, removal of indoor air pollution, and convertible onboard tools.

Beam christened its latest central vacuum cleaner line “Alliance” as a reference to its advanced technology that enables two-way communication between the hose handle and power unit. The illuminated Smart Screen on the power unit displays information about the system’s performance and relays it to the hose handle interface, allowing the user to adjust the suction levels and monitor the functioning of the system while vacuuming. The Smart Screen confirms the communication link is working and alerts the user to potential issues such as motor fault or full canister. That’s high tech cleaning!

The Alliance line of central vacuums also features a high efficiency motor that uses 30% less energy than traditional motors and is extremely quiet to boot. The motor is a soft start which reduces wear and tear and gives it a longer life. The Alliance boasts 30% more cleaning performance than Beam Serenity.

Stored conveniently on the underside of the telescopic wand, the 3-in-1 tool that converts from a dust brush to crevice tool to upholstery brush also comes standard with every Alliance purchase.

Another innovation to make life simpler is the easy release bucket – simply press down on any two points around the ring to empty the dirt. No more twisting buckets, or latches, to fumble with. The Alliance also features a Gore Technologies HEPA Cleanstream self-cleaning filter featuring a lifetime warranty.

A quick clean inlet on every Alliance power unit means that you can attach the hose directly to the unit for cleaning of garage or automobile. This standard feature greatly increases the range and convenience of your cleaning.

For a limited time, the Beam Alliance Special Edition Q Package will be available for purchase. This package includes the Beam 650SCN50A 650 AirWatt Alliance power unit, with electric hose, premium Beam Q hose package, and bonus hose cover. The Q package offers a deluxe power nozzle which has a swivel neck and LED light for easy navigation. The 13” floor brush is made of soft, natural hair and has rubber side wheels to protect floors.

These limited edition units won’t last long, get them while you can! And start cleaning a whole new way.


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Eureka AirSpeed Vacuum Cleaners

Eureka AS1005 AirSpeed Vacuum in action

The Eureka AS1005 AirSpeed vacuum in action cleaning carpeting stairs.

If you’re looking for a quality upright vacuum at a reasonable price consider the Eureka AirSpeed Gold AS1001AE (bagless) or the Eureka AS1055AX (bagged). Bagged or bagless, the choice is yours.

Both models feature Eureka’s patented AirSpeed Technology. AirSpeed Technology ensures that air carrying dirt and dust takes the most direct route to the bag or chamber, minimizing resistance and maximizing suction. The dirt travels through two smooth tubes that have limited bends and turns, allowing more air to pass through the vacuum.  The direct air path from floor to cup (or bag) decreases the distance for dirt to travel, which increases the amount of airflow resulting in powerful suction.

Another unique use for AirSpeed Technology is that if you’re vacuuming with tools rather than the vacuum cleaner power nozzle you can change the setting to “tools” and the machine will direct the dirt directly from the attachment to the bag or cup. Most machines have the dirt traveling through the ribbed hose regardless of the surface being cleaned which results in lack of suction. In addition, the tubes that lead to the chamber or bag are much wider than on other vacuums.

Eureka AirSpeed Uprights are recommended for homes that are mostly carpeted. There is a height adjustment knob which raises and lowers the nozzle so it is at the correct height for the type of carpet being vacuumed. Proper height adjustment ensures the right level of agitation and suction for your carpet.

AirSpeed uprights are not recommended for bare floors as the agitator continues to spin even on the bare floor setting. Cleaning bare floors with this model requires a bare floor brush sold as a separate attachment.

Air quality and reduction of allergens is ensured with the dust cup filter which prevents fine dust from being sucked into the motor (less motor maintenance) and the HEPA exhaust filter which provides filtration to .3 micron particles. The air exiting the machine is virtually dust-free!

Both models’ extra-long hose and power cord give the machine a long reach and the vacuum’s light weight (18.5 lbs.) means it is easy to maneuver around obstacles and to move to different levels in your home.

A quality machine with powerful cleaning power at a reasonable price. Try one out today!

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How to Treat Pet Messes, Odours, and Hair

Pet MessesPet owners– we love our animals and would do anything for them, but we could do without their messes! Although we can’t stop our pets from shedding or having occasional accidents, we can at least make cleanup easier. McHardy Vacuum has tools and products to make cleaning up after your pet simple, safe and effective.

The first thing to remember is that the quicker you can get to the mess, the easier it will be to clean up – so try and treat stains and accidents promptly before they set. And when you clean, choose a product that is made specifically for pet messes and pet odours.

Pet Messes and Accidents

Clean and Green Carpet and Upholstery Cleaner removes residual pet messes using natural ingredients rather than harsh chemicals. The natural formula encapsulate stains and odours which then biodegrade naturally, making the process safe for your pets, your family, and the planet. It penetrates deep into carpet and upholstery and is 100% biodegradable, fragrance free, and non-toxic. The best part? Spray it on and leave it; the cleaner does the rest. Clean and Green makes a formula for tile and wood floors, too.

Pet Odours

For refreshing upholstery, pet beds, rugs and other fabrics, trust Clean and Green Furniture Refresher. This spray eliminates lingering pet smells in fabrics and leather by trapping and breaking down odours, not by masking them with perfumes. Eliminating smells from prior messes especially is important because pets have a much better sense of smell than humans and my try to mark the site of a prior mess. Fresh Wave Odour Eliminator is another great room or upholstery spray that leaves the fresh scent of lime, pine needle, clove and cedarwood upon spraying – a fresh, clean, natural smell that disappears as it dries.

Pet Hair

Pet hair is a fact of life for dog and cat owners so regular vacuuming is a must. But regular grooming is also an effective way to remove pet hair before it even hits the floor. If your furry friend is comfortable being around the vacuum, consider a groom tool that takes hair and dander right from your pet and into your vacuum. Designed by a veterinarian, the Dr.Smith Pet Hair Fantastic grooming tool attachment fits most standard vacuums and doubles as an upholstery tool to keep your car, stairs, furniture and even clothing pet hair-free.

If your home has carpet or area rugs, you may need to use a steam carpet cleaner to loosen and remove pet hair and dirt trapped deep in the carpet’s fibers. The Royal MRY7910 Carpet Cleaner features two agitator brushes, dual suction nozzles, and handle controls so all the switches you need are at your fingertips. For smaller messes and deep spot cleaning check out the Bissell 1400D Little Green Machine, a compact carpet cleaner that weighs in at only 12 lbs.!

Finally, for chasing down pet hair where your power head can’t reach, consider a universal turbo brush hand held attachment that fits most standard vacuum cleaner extension wands or hose handles. Using a high speed rotating brush that operates by a suction-driven turbine, this attachment is ideal for carpeted stairs, along baseboards, on couches and chairs, and even mattresses.

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Hand and Stick Vacuums – the best tools for small messes


The Electrolux UltraPower EL3000A has the longest battery life for a rechargeable vacuum

If you’ve found the perfect canister or upright vacuum for your home and you love to use it, congratulations! Nothing makes cleaning easier than having the right tool for the job. However, for those days when small messes crop up and you’re short on time a hand or stick vacuum may be just the thing to round out your arsenal of cleaning supplies.

Stick vacuums are small upright machines designed for light duty cleaning (such as vacuuming dry cereal or crumbs in the morning) or for quick pickups in between regular vacuuming. They are not intended to be the primary vacuum in a home as the motor is smaller in size, and most do not allow for use of attachments.

The Electrolux UltraPower EL3000 is a brand new stick vacuum with a one hour battery life. It’s designed to be there when you need it, and with three cleaning speeds will pick up on both bare floors and carpet. The Hoover LiNX BH50010 is our most popular stick vacuum and has a fade-free rechargeable battery with power indicator so you know when it’s time to charge the battery. Both are lightweight and easy to maneuver around furniture and in tight spaces. With the average stick vacuum weighing 7 lb. (just over 3 kg), they are easy to operate and convenient to store.

Hand vacuums are used for cleaning upholstery, stairs, vehicles, and other areas that are difficult to clean with a full size vacuum. There are many options beyond the original “dust buster” style and many feature powerful motors, deep cleaning brush rolls, attachments, and bagless operation. The Eureka 71B has a built in hose and crevice tool for cleaning tight spaces, as well as a power switch for constant suction. This means no trigger or button to hold down when vacuuming – which is one of the biggest complaints we hear about handheld vacuums.

McHardy Vacuum stocks many makes, models, and styles of hand and stick vacuums – we have one that’s right for you. Cleaning your home efficiently has never been easier!

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Persil Laundry Detergents

Persil Laundry detergent

Persil Laundry detergent

Persil laundry detergent may not be a household name in North America but over in the UK and Germany it is THE laundry soap of choice. At McHardy Vacuum we are proud to offer several Persil products that get the job done right while reducing harm to the environment and protecting sensitive skin.

Persil has the right product for your family’s needs- whether you prefer a gel, tab, or powder detergent, have small children or allergy sufferers in your home, or prefer a simple all-purpose detergent. McHardy Vacuum stocks several of them and can assist you in making the right choice.

Henkel, the manufacturer of Persil, has a long history of innovation in cleaning and beauty products. But the Persil line is still one of its best known offerings.

Persil was first developed in 1907 when chemists successfully combined sodium perborate – a bleaching agent with sodium silicate – a washing agent (hence “persil”) which released finely dispersed oxygen bubbles when the laundry was boiled. These oxygen bubbles bleached the laundry as would chlorine but in a much gentler, odourless way.

Henkel, the manufacturer, classified this detergent as “self-activating” and a laundry revolution was born. The bubbling action eliminated the need to stir, agitate, or rub the laundry – it “did the work of the washboard.” Washerwomen rejoiced!!

Throughout the years Persil improved and adapted their products for the changing times- developing detergents for drum washing machines in the 1960’s, finding phosphate alternatives in the 1980’s, and more recently marketing liquid, tablet, and pearl forms of its laundry detergents.

McHardy Vacuum stocks a number of Persil laundry detergents including Gel for Colour Loads, Universal Gel for all types of laundry, MegaPerls for Colour, MegaPerls Universal, Sensitive Powder, Sensitive Gel, and Sensitive Tabs.

The Sensitive line was introduced for those customers with sensitive skin or allergies, and for infants’ delicate skin. In collaboration with the German Allergy and Asthma Association chemists developed a formula free of dyes and strong fragrances that cleaned effectively without irritating sensitive skin.

The laundry isn’t going to do itself – do it right with Persil.

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Merry Christmas From McHardy Vacuum

Merry ChristmasThroughout 2013 we have seen both inspiring and devastating events happen here in Canada, and across the world. As this year draws to an end take time to reflect on the moments that impacted you the most so we can continue to spread happiness, and not repeat the mistakes of our past.

Someone once said: ‘Be the change you wish to see in the world.’ This statement could not be truer. Our actions and behaviors are noticed by those who we encounter every day, be it our family members, coworkers, friends, or the cashier who rang through our Christmas gifts. These interactions can affect others both negativity and positively, whether we notice it or not.

This Christmas season strive to share the love you have with others. This can mean devoting more time to your children and family, donating to a charity, volunteering at a charitable organization, or simply helping to make someone else’s life better. After all, the true meaning of Christmas is God’s unconditional love for us – don’t be scared to show it and share it with others!

The difference you make, both big and small, truly matters.

Merry Christmas from your friends at McHardy Vacuum
Serving Since 1946

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How to maximize your vacuum’s performance and lifespan

Vacuum Cleaner Maintenance

A selection of bags, belts, and filters for Miele vacuum cleaners.

Much like a vehicle, your vacuum will run better and last longer with some basic, regular maintenance. A vacuum cleaner is a major purchase and will be subject to frequent usage. If you treat it right, your vacuum will give you many years of faithful service.


Changing the bag frequently is one of the easiest and most cost efficient ways to ensure your vacuum cleaner’s optimal performance. If your machine does not have a full bag indicator, check for a “max fill line” on the bag and feel the bag with your hand to check if the dirt is up to the line.

Air has to flow through the bag to maintain suction, so don’t wait until the bag is overfull to change it. Restricted airflow due to an overfull bag means that the vacuum’s motor has to work harder. This creates unnecessary wear and tear, shortening the life of the vacuum.

Changing the bag frequently also helps eliminate odours from dirt and bacteria in the bag. We suggest changing the bag every 1-2 months, or when the bag is 3/4 full. Always keep new bags on hand and use the correct style of bag for your machine.

We also recommend using genuine bags (produced by the same company as the vacuum) over generic bags (produced by a a secondary company) when possible. Genuine bags provides better filtration and fit over generic bags, limiting the chance of damage and lengthening the life of the vacuum. However, when a company stops making a vacuum they sometimes stop producing the bags as well, which means only generic bags are available. This is the only time we will suggest the use of a generic vacuum bag.


Filters, like bags, can impede performance by restricting airflow when they become too full of debris. Filters can get clogged with fine dirt and particles so they need to be changed frequently. Check your owner’s manual to see what kind of replacement filters your machine requires.

Reusable filters should be washed every 1-6 months and left to dry for 24-48 hours before re-using. These filters don’t need to be replaced as frequently, but will start to deteriorate over time. Disposable filters should be replaced every 12-18 months, depending on how often you use your vacuum. Never wash or get disposable filters wet as it will damage the filter material and reduce effectiveness.


Vacuums with a power head, and upright vacuum cleaners will have a belt that drives the agitator, the part of the power head that spins. If the belt is worn, damaged, or stretched out, the machine will not clean effectively. For optimal performance a flat rubber belt needs to be changed every 12-18 months and/or when broken. Cogged and serpentine belts should be changed every 5 years or sooner if broken.

Typically a flat rubber belt will break if something is picked up that shouldn’t be – this includes socks, the fringe on an area rug, and shoe laces. If your vacuum isn’t picking up dirt/debris from carpeting like it used to, or you smell burning rubber while the vacuum is running, it is most likely due to the belt being broken.

Even if a flat rubber belt isn’t broken it will stretch out due to it being under constant tension. Within 12-18 months of being installed on a vacuum a flat rubber belt will become ineffective. If you notice your vacuum cleaner leaving debris behind, or if you hear the agitator stop spinning on carpeting, it usually means the belt is stretched.

Another way to tell if the belt is stretched is to use your foot to gently press down on the top of the vacuum cleaner head (above where the agitator is) while the vacuum is running. If you hear the agitator stop spinning, or if it slows down, the belt should be changed. The pressure of your foot mimics the force and resistance carpet fibers put on the agitator while it is in use. When the belt is stretched the agitator does not spin at the proper speed, preventing the vacuum from separating carpet fibers and loosening dirt. This causes the vacuum to under-perform.

Need more information?

If you are unsure of what bags, filters, or belts are required for your vacuum cleaner please contact us with the manufacture and model number of the machine by phone at 1-877-537-8227 or by email

For solutions to vacuum cleaner issues see our Common Vacuum Complaints – what you can do to solve them article. Always remember: if you are unsure of the issue or cannot solve it on your own bring your vacuum to a local repair center.

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Common Vacuum Issues – and what you can do to solve them


Emptying the dirt collection bin on a Dyson DC43 Vacuum

My vacuum isn’t picking up!

Your vacuum’s job is to pick up dirt, dust and debris – so when it stops doing that, it’s often panic time! But with a basic understanding of how your vacuum works and what to look for when it doesn’t , you can often have your vacuum up and running in no time. And that means no trips to the repair department, no waiting, and best of all, no repair bill.

Often when your machine is not picking up it is due to loss of suction. If your vacuum cleaner turns on but won’t pick up on carpet or bare floors, something is impeding suction. You may need to change the vacuum bag, unclog the hose, replace/clean the filters, replace the hose, change the belt, or repair the motor.

Changing the Bag/Emptying the Dirt Collection Bin

If your machine uses vacuum bags, check the ‘full bag’ indicator to see if a full bag is the cause of your machine not picking up. If it doesn’t have an indicator, open the door to where the bag sits and visually check if it’s full. A full bag restricts airflow and results in decreased suction. Also make sure the bag is installed properly so it is tightly sealed to the inlet hose.  

If you have a bagless vacuum ensure the dirt in the collection bin has not reached the maximum line. When the dirt exceed the maximum line the suction and performance starts to decline due to restriction of airflow. Following the directions of your vacuum empty the collection bin and remove fine dust from the bin with a cloth.

Unclogging the Hose

Sometimes the loss of suction is not just a restriction of airflow but an obstruction. If you have picked up an object that got stuck in the hose and didn’t make it to the bag, that has probably caused a chain reaction and resulted in a large buildup of debris.

To trace the source of the clog, turn the machine on and disconnect the hose from the power head for canisters, or disconnect the attachment hose for uprights.  If the motor begins to sound quieter and you have suction, then the clog will be where the power head attaches. You should be able to break up and dump out the clog easily from this section.

If you still don’t have any suction, disconnect the hose from the machine. Inspect either end of the hose to see if the obstruction is visible and accessible. If it isn’t, raise one end of the hose up and drop a marble or other down and see if it comes out.  If it doesn’t, the clog is somewhere in the middle of the hose. Often a broom handle is sufficient to dislodge the buildup and restore proper function to your machine.

If the clog is not in the main hose, it is probably right at the mouth of the vacuum bag and can be removed easily. In the event of a very stubborn clog, bring it into your local service dealer and they would be able to unclog the unit.

Socks, bits of paper, paper clips, and pet toys, are the main culprits of clogs in vacuums cleaners. Remember: remove clog causing objects from under furniture and floors before cleaning.

Cleaning and Replacing Filters

Every vacuum on the market uses filters. Filters remove dust and fine particles from the air passing through the machine before it is finally put back into the environment. As you can imagine, it doesn’t take long before the filters become dirty or plugged, restricting the amount of air that can flow through them.

Check your machine’s manual to see if your filters are washable; if not, make sure to replace them every 12-18 months.  Your local dealer can find you the right filter based on the make and model of your machine.

In the short term, not cleaning or replacing filters results in a significant loss in suction, but in the long term it can cause damage to the motor and prematurely burn it out. Replacing or cleaning filters as needed is a simple way to ensure your vacuum’s optimal performance and prevent problems down the road.

Inspecting Hoses

If the bag is not full, the hoses are clear and the filters new, there may be a crack or hole in the hose. Even a small crack can leak enough air to significantly reduce suction and cause your machine to under-perform.  Inspect the hose(s) carefully, section by section, and if there are any cracks or holes the hose should be replaced.

Remember, for maximum performance, airflow through the vacuum cleaner must be unimpeded and leaks must be eliminated.

If you have remedied all of the above factors and your machine is still not working right, the problem could be mechanical. It is time to check your agitator and motor.

Troubleshooting Agitator Problems

If your vacuum picks up on bare floors but not carpet, the first place to check is the agitator in the power head. The agitator is the cylinder (made of wood, plastic, or aluminum) with embedded rows of bristles that spin at high speeds to loosen dirt from carpets so the suction can pick it up.

The agitator is powered by either the suction motor (uprights) or a dedicated motor (canisters with power heads) by way of a rubber belt. If your agitator doesn’t spin when the machine is running, the belt could be stretched or broken.  Here’s how to find out:

  • Making sure your vacuum is unplugged, turn the power head over and attempt to spin the agitator by hand. If the agitator spins freely without resistance, the belt is broken and needs to be replaced. (If you notice a burning odour, it is probably the smell of the belt burning, not the vacuum motor burning out!)
  • If the agitator spins with some resistance by hand, turn the power head back over like you’re going to vacuum and turn the machine back on. If you apply a little downward pressure to the power head and you hear the brush roll stop spinning, the belt is stretched and needs to be replaced*.

Replacing the belt:

Check for releases or screws to open the power head.  The belt typically runs from the agitator to a small pin near the back.  Bring your make and model number to your local dealer to purchase a new belt.

When installing the belt it is usually best to place the belt on the agitator and the motor pin and stretch the belt until the brush sits in place (typically a belt stretches an inch or two).  Spin the agitator a few times to make sure that the belt is not pinched and replace the cover.

*Belts need to be replaced every 12-18 months, so make this part of your regular vacuum cleaner maintenance routine.

But what if the agitator is stuck; it won’t spin by hand or when the machine is running!

Hair and carpet fibers often sneak into the bearings at each end of the agitator.  As the brush spins it heats up and melts the hair causing it to fuse everything together, or at the very least jam the bearings, seizing the agitator.  Unfortunately the only way to solve this is to replace the agitator itself. Again, your local dealer can order one in if you bring in your make and model number.

It’s not the Belt or Bearings

Some machines have a geared belt drive, if the agitator spins with some resistance but won’t turn on, make sure there isn’t a reset switch that needs to be pushed.  If there isn’t and the agitator still refuses to turn on, bring the unit into your local service center to check the connections and motors to make sure that the unit doesn’t have a bigger issue.

Motor Troubles

If the motor on your machine is damaged or broken, it is time to call the professionals. Take your machine into a local dealer and have one of their repair technicians inspect it.

Usually if the vacuum is making a high pitched, or squealing sound, while running or right after the power is turned off it can mean your motor is starting to fail. As well, if a burning electrical smell is emitted from the machine, if there are sparks, or if there is smoke, the motor is damaged and the vacuum should be turned off immediately and brought to a repair center.

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Carpet and Bare Floor Cleaning

The Beam Q Power Head Easily Removes Tough Dirt on Carpeting

The Beam Q Power Head Easily Removes Tough Dirt on Carpeting

Cleaning your floors thoroughly and effectively requires the right tool for the job. You may be vacuuming thick and comfy carpeting, traditional hardwood, area rugs, berber carpet, tile, or some combination of all of these. But your vacuum can’t perform if you don’t choose a suitable attachment. In some cases, using the wrong attachment could even damage delicate flooring or rugs.

Bare floors:

For bare floors, i.e. tile, wood, or linoleum, the best attachments to use (in order of effectiveness) are the bare floor brush, combo tool, and power nozzle.

Floor Brush Vacuum Attachment

Bare Floor Brush: usually comes standard with canister and central vacuums, the brush has rows of bristles to gently sweep the floor while the suction removes the debris. This tool is made specifically for bare floors, and will not work on carpeting. Bristles may be a combination of natural and nylon hair, and width ranges from 10” – 16”.




Combo Tool: standard with vacuums like the Miele S6 Contour, the combo tool has bristles that retract with a rocker switch – bristles for bare floors, no bristles for low pile carpeting.




E1386KB_sweep_and_groomPower Nozzle: this tool is the least effective option for cleaning bare floors as there are no bristles like a bare floor brush or combination tool. However, it will suffice if the agitator is turned off, but keep in mind the agitator on some power nozzles cannot be adjusted.




There are three main attachments for cleaning carpeting. The effectiveness of the tool depends on the pile of carpeting, and the presence of animal hair.

Power Nozzle: this tool goes by many names including: power head, power brush, and beater bar, but no matter what you call it it’s the best tool for cleaning low-, mid-, and high-pile carpet. The agitator is powered by a separate motor and an electrified hose and wand is needed to support this attachment. The power allows the brushes to spin and loosen trapped dirt and pet hair from deep fibers to provide a thorough cleaning.

miele_STB205-3Turbo Nozzle:  the agitator in this light duty floor attachment is driven by the air flow of the vacuum and a turbine inside the nozzle. It does not require an electrified wand or hose. This type of brush head is best for cleaning low- to medium- pile carpets, but is not the most effective for removing animal hair.



Combo Tool: Again, the bristles on a combo tool retract for cleaning mid- to low-pile carpet but do not provide agitation for the loosening of trapped matter. The tool will simply glide over the top of the carpeting, while the vacuum provides the suction to remove loose debris. Please note: this tool is not effective for eliminating pet hair on carpeted surfaces because it does not have an agitator.

Most upright vacuums are designed for use on carpeting and only come with a power head. As mentioned above some power heads can be turned off which will allow for use on bare flooring, however, this is not available on all uprights. Since the floor tool on a canister can be changed based upon the flooring type, we find the canister vacuums to be the most versatile for homes with a mix of carpeting and bare floor surfaces.

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The Miele S8 Vacuum Line

Miele S8 Vacuum Cleaners

Pictured is the new Miele S8 Continuum Vacuum Cleaner

Has Miele Improved on Perfection?

Following the success of the Miele S6 canister vacuums, Miele has now released its impressive S8 full-size canister vacuum line. This new series once again makes indoor air quality the priority and adds some fancy features you won’t know how you lived without!

In addition to its new features, the S8 provides the usual quiet power and quality engineering of a Miele along with the standard accessories: a bare floor brush, powerhead for carpets, and three onboard tools (upholstery nozzle, crevice tool, and dusting brush).

Here are some highlights of the S8 series:

Air Quality:

  • Patented AirClean filter bag, HEPA filter, and Sealed System™ construction ensure that 99.9% of particulate matter – allergens, dust, pet hair, and dander – picked up by the vacuum are trapped and contained within the bag and filters.
  • Optional Active Air filters are available for odour control in homes with pets.


  • 3 swivel castors wheels ensure stability and fluid movement of the vacuum while in use.
  • A new feature specific to the Miele S8990 Continuum is a Dynamic Drive system, which replicates shock absorbers on the wheels. This allows for quiet and smooth transitions over thresholds, between different floor types, and on textured flooring

Controls and Settings:

  • Footswitch controls on the main vacuum body allows for easy selection of suction settings, powering on/off, and retracting the cord.
  • The auto setting on the Miele S8 Continuum automatically adjusts power to maintain the appropriate level of suction for every surface; reduces energy consumption.
  • Bag capacity indicator lets you know when it’s time to change the bag.

Noise Control:

  • The S8 line uses the Silence System Plus: a newly encapsulated motor and integrated insulation make the S8 exceptionally quiet without sacrificing power.


  • Three completed packages are available in dynamic colours: the S8370 Contour in Canary Yellow, the S8370 Dimension in Garnet Red, and the S8990 Continuum in Bronze Pearl.
  • The new sleigh design repositions the handle in relation to the canister. This makes the S8’s look sleek, but it also makes it lighter and easier to carry.


  • One touch 21’ retractable cord allows for a 500m2 wide cleaning area without having to change electrical outlets. When you’re done cleaning you simply press and release the cord retract button and the cord will neatly store itself inside the machine. Gone are the days of holding the cord retracting button!
  • A bumper strip is wrapped around the outside of the canister to prevent marking or damaging of walls and furniture, as well it helps the canister to move easily around obstacles.
  • Included is an integrated park system which improves storage of the wand and floor tool when using the SEB217-3 powerhead.

Once again Miele has impressed us with the new S8 vacuums, providing unmatched cleaning performance; as well as high quality vacuums that are designed to last. All current Miele vacuums are available for trial at both our London stores. You can also view images, read descriptions, and see user reviews on our website.

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