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Thank You To All Of Our Customers

Miele Top Dealer Award

President Philip McHardy

We are pleased to announce McHardy Vacuum has been recognized as the Top Canadian Miele Dealer for 2011. In receiving this award we would like to take the time to thank all of our customers and clients. Without your support we would not have reached this milestone – we are truly blessed and thankful.

The Miele Company has been in business since 1899 and is family owned and operated.  We are proud to sell the Miele line of portable vacuum cleaners. They offer unsurpassed quality in efficient machines, but most importantly they offer vacuum cleaners our customers have grown to appreciate.

Thank you for a great 2011!

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Miele S6 Vacuum Cleaners Now In Canada

Miele S6270 Contour in Chilli Red

The Miele S6 vacuum line is now available in Canada. Miele has retired the S4 line as they were limited in the fact that you could not add an electric power nozzle to them.  Now with the S6 you have all of the great features of the light weight and powerful S4’s but now they can be configured with an electric power brush.  For those of you with little to no carpet there is still the option of purchasing one with only a floor brush, or combination tool.  The Miele S6270 Contour comes with the SBD650 AirTeQ combination tool which is the ideal attachment if you have a mixture of bare floor and area carpets with low traffic.  It’s simple design allows you to step on a pedal which extends or retracts a set of brushes when going from carpet to bare floor.  If you need a little more agitation on your low to medium pile carpets consider the Miele S6270 Momentum vacuum which comes standard with the air driven STB205 turbo nozzle and SBB300 Parquet Twister floor brush.  The air driven head has an agitating brush which provides a deeper clean than the flat AirTeQ combination tool.  And for those of you out there with lots of carpeting and medium to high traffic, consider the S6270 Momentum Plus which includes the electric SEB217 power nozzle. If you need ultimate filtration and prefer to choose your own power head then the Miele S6290 Continuum is the vacuum for you.  This fully electrified model comes with the SBB300 Parquet Twister floor brush, HEPA filter installed and you have the freedom to select any carpet tool you desire.  No carpet? No problem, just order as is and you have the ultimate bare floor machine and you can always purchase a power head if you decide to get carpeting.


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Boxing Week Clean-Up Event

December 26-31 2011


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Merry Christmas

Nowadays we have Facebook, Twitter, Cell Phones, iPhones, iPads, Emails, Layoffs, Overtime, Family Crisis all pulling at us all the time.  With the options available, is life really getting easier or more complicated?  This Christmas, take a time out for yourself, visit a place of worship, help someone in need and enjoy the reason for the season… God’s unconditional love for all of us.  We’ve all got it and it’s in our nature to share it, so go for it!

Merry Christmas from your friends at McHardy Vacuum.

Serving since 1946.

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Buy Now Save Later – 110% Best Price Guarantee

All prices are protected until Jan 31st 2012 Canada Wide!110% Best Price Guarantee

December is Buy and Save month at McHardy Vacuum.  Everything we sell is guaranteed to be the lowest price in Canada until January 31st, 2012.  Yes, that includes all Boxing Week specials from any Canadian retailer. If you find a lower price we’ll refund you the difference plus reward you with a 10% Bonus of the difference for your findings. Shop with us today and you’ll be guaranteed the lowest price in Canada.

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Keeping the Dust Out and the Heat In

Dust doesn't stand a chance!

Dust doesn't stand a chance!


As we prepare for the deep cold of winter by sealing ourselves up in our homes, how can we keep the dust out?  One of the easiest and most effective ways is to ensure that your vacuum cleaner is doing its job of picking up the dust and keeping it out of the air.  Here are a few simple things you can do to ensure that you’re vacuum is doing its job this winter.

First, you’ll want to make sure that your vacuum cleaner is picking up as much as it can.  Many people don’t realize that suction does only half of the work when it comes to cleaning your carpets.  There are still many types of vacuums that use rubber belts to drive your carpet agitating brush.  The job of the brush is to agitate your carpet loosening deeply embedded dirt so the suction can simply carry it away.  If the belt becomes stretched out the agitator can’t clean as well as it should.  How can you tell?  The answer is pretty simple; if the flat rubber vacuum belt is over a year old then it’s safe to say it could use a fresh one.  We suggest replacing the belt once per year to ensure the agitator brush is spinning as fast as it can.  They generally cost around $3 each and are relatively easy to replace.

Next you’ll want to make sure that what you’re picking up stays in the vacuum. Filtration is the key to ensuring that your vacuum isn’t expelling the dust it’s sucking in.  All vacuum cleaners use some form of filtration system that always requires either cleaning or replacing.  Two things can happen if your vacuum filters are clogged.  One, you’ll decrease the amount of airflow which will reduce the amount of dust being picked up.  Second, a clogged filter will create back pressure which will cause dirty air to bypass the filter and be expelled through un-sealed areas right back into your breathing air.  This is especially true on bagless vacuum cleaners because they don’t have that first layer of filtration that a bag provides.  Ever notice a thick layer of dust on your vacuum?  If so, that’s your first indication that dust is leaking out and you need to replace the filters.

We invite you to give us a call if you have any questions about how to properly maintain your vacuum cleaner at 1-877-537-8227.  Or click here to check out our selection of Vacuum Parts.  Keep in mind that not all of our 8000 + items are listed online so if you can’t find the one you need give us a call or send us an email –

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How to Clean a Shag Rug?

Green Shag Rug

What is the best way to clean this carpet?

Back by popular demand the famous green shag rugs are covering beautiful hardwood floors everywhere.  That’s ok, I have one too and love it but the question is what is the best way to clean a shag rug?  Many simply use their vacuum the same way the would on any other carpet only to have the power head literally eat up the rug.

In order to remove the most amount of lint and dust with out damaging the carpet you need two things. First high airflow – not just the feeling of suction pressure like when you stick your hand on the end of the hose and it sticks.  A vacuum with high airflow is one that has a significant amount of pressure but also moves a mass amount of air at that pressure.  A good example of vacuum cleaners that can do this are a Beam Central Vacuum or the German made Miele Canister Vacuums.  Next you need the right attachments.  A powerhead (rotating brush) is too aggressive for shag so you need to be more gentle.  We’ve found that the ideal attachments are a floor brush and carpet rake.  Yes, I said carpet rake and it looks just like what you’re imagining right now.  The floor brush will to a great overall job at cleaning while the carpet rake will groom the fibers and help bring more lint and hair to the surface.  The key is having high airflow to suck the dirt away.

Rake your shag rugs to help keep their form.

Shag Carpet Rake Vacuum Cleaner Attachment

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Introducing the Dyson DC43 Animal

The all new Bagless Vacuum from Dyson

New look and more power to the Ball lineup.

In true Dyson fashion we now have a new and improved version of the Dyson ball vacuum.  James Dyson isn’t the type to invent a product and leave it alone.  No, he is in constant re-invention mode wanting to always make things better and the Dyson DC43 Animal is a true example of that.  This vacuum is a combination of the very powerful DC28 Animal and the nimble DC25 Ball.

Since the success of the DC25 Ball James Dyson wanted to improve on this design.  First they added more power; a larger 235 Air Watt motor now has 15 more Air Watts than the DC25.  This does make a significant difference especially when vacuuming any bare floor surface.  Next they wanted to improve on the filtration.  Through customer feedback they wanted the cyclones to be more efficient so they reinvented the cyclone technology. The new Radial Root Cyclone™, with remodeled airflows will maximize suction power, reduce turbulence and preserve air pressure. More microscopic particles are extracted by the inner cyclones – capturing fine dust and allergens removed from the home.  Another big improvement was to the floor nozzle.  Many conventional upright vacuums rely on wheels to raise and lower the agitator.  This creates a gap between the carpet and the nozzle wasting valuable airflow.  The DC43 has a self-adjusting nozzle that will raise and lower to any surface type. Now the airflow is maximized and will allow the vacuum to pick up better on any surface – not just carpet.

We believe that the DC43 is a great consideration when looking to buy a bagless vacuum cleaner.  It will save you money with no added costs such as expensive filters to replace.  It is also very easy to empty meaning that it can be dumped out every time you vacuum.  The filters are easy to clean and a huge selection of bonus tools that attach to an extra-long 12’ hose make this a top choice.  All in all the Dyson DC43 Animal is a great bagless vacuum whether you have pets or not.

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A Fresh New Look!

October 2011We are pleased to announce the new look of  It has been two years now since our last big change and a lot has changed since then.  First, we’ve updated some of our policies to enhance your shopping experience.  You’ll notice that we now have a 110% Money Back Guarantee along with Free Returns.  We want to keep things simple and just like our in-store shopping experience.  Why should there be a penalty for buying the wrong product or worse, receiving a defective one.  If for any reason you’re not happy we will gladly refund your money and give you a 10% store credit towards your next purchase.  We, of course, still have Free Shipping on all orders over $99 Canada wide.

Another major change is an upgrade to our menu.  We wanted to make sure that the products and information you’re looking for is easier and quicker to find.  The last thing we want is for you to be bombarded with products and categories you’re not interested in.  Each of our products have a side menu of their related items such as the appropriate bags and filters that fit the vacuum cleaner you may be looking at.

We’d also like to thank the team at Velocity Studio who made all of this possible.  All in all, we hope you enjoy our new look and we welcome any comments, suggestions you may have.  Happy Vacuuming!

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Hardwood Floor Cleaning

Modern homes must be clean.

Brilliant Hardwood Floors

Fall is that wonderful time of year where we all move back indoors and start to notice that film on our floors as proof of our busy summer.  Now that you can see the Nike footprints in your hardwood floors from certain family members, you have to figure out a way to clean them.  This leads into one of our most frequently asked questions; “What’s the best way to clean my hardwood floors?”

We get a lot of people asking about steamers.  Are they really all they’re cracked up to be?  While steam cleaners are a very effective and chemical free way of cleaning floors, we wouldn’t suggest using them on hardwood. Steamers use only water and a microfiber cloth which are very safe and environmentally friendly.  But when using a steamer on hardwood floors the steam is forced out of the machine.  This pressure causes the steam to work its way into the seams and scratches of the hardwood which will lead to warping and water damage over time.  We suggest using steam to clean stone, tile, vinyl and linoleum.

Now what about these sweeping cleaner pad units we see everywhere?  The idea is great but be cautious of what cleaners you’re using; some can be harsh chemicals.  One microfiber mop system we discovered is the Bona hardwood cleaner.  This is a water based (no toxic chemicals) cleaner with a washable (not disposable) microfiber cloth.  All you do is spray a light misting on the ground and wipe it up with the Bona microfiber mop pad.  This is an awesome system as it does not spray too much water down and the detergent is safe for your family and your hardwood floors.

What happens though when the Bona system can’t handle the tracked in mud and cups of juice spilled all over the place?  Hoover has come to the rescue with the same technology they use in their successful carpet shampooers.  It’s called the Hoover FloorMate and will safely clean any type of hard floor surface.  This unit is designed to gently scrub a mixture of FloorMate detergent and water then pick it up leaving no water to damage the floors.  In our testing the FloorMate was able pick up dirt that was left behind by the steamers, Bona, and even scrubbing on our hands and knees with the same effort vacuuming takes.  You can even use the Hoover FloorMate as a dry vacuum and even a wet vac for those occasional spills.

Overall the choice is yours depending on how much dirt you typically get in the house considering traffic.  Be sure to check out our satisfaction guaranteed selection of hardwood floor cleaners.

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