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Merry Christmas from McHardy Vacuum

When we think about Christmas and the holiday season spending time with family and loved ones is often the most important aspect. So why do we obsess with gifts when kind words and time together is worth more than anything … Continue reading

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Vacuum Maintenance Guide

What do we love more than a brand new vacuum cleaner? When clients tell us their 5, 10, or even 15 year old vacuum is still working the same as the day they brought it home. That’s what we’re truly … Continue reading

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How to Change a Vacuum Belt

Most vacuum cleaner belts can be changed at home, preventing you from having to bring the vacuum into a repair centre. The process is quite simple and is one of the easiest things you can do to help maintain your … Continue reading

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How to Remove Household Odours

Life stinks – literally! From pets, to sports gear, to garbage cans, there is usually at least one unpleasant odour trying to invade our home and nostrils. But why live with it?! Recently, HE dishwashers have become a popular choice … Continue reading

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Pet Clean Up and Odour Removal

We get it. Pets are cute, they are members of our family, and nothing beats a furry hug or cuddle at the end of a busy day. What we don’t understand is why people think they have to live with … Continue reading

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Cleaning Hacks to Avoid

Unlike the elusive Pikachu in Pokémon Go, so-called Cleaning Hacks are popping up everywhere. They’re overflowing our Facebook feeds, and there’s probably a special board on your Pinterest account dedicated to them. Designed to make our lives easier by promising … Continue reading

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How to Get The Best Clean With Your Vacuum

You know what its like … you just finished a marathon cleaning session (or what feels like it anyways) only to turn around and see that one pesky spot still covered in dust and looking less than presentable. If you’re … Continue reading

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Persil ProClean Power Pearls vs. Persil MegaPerls

Persil ProClean Power Pearls is the North American version of the Persil MegaPerls, but in our opinion is not equal. Henkel makes Persil MegaPerls in their German factory, while Persil ProClean is made by their American subsidiary – The Dial … Continue reading

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Clean better with the Honest Company

While the word ‘vacuum’ is in our name, we are more than just a vacuum store. For those who don’t know, our motto is: ‘Cleaning your home today, for a healthier tomorrow.’ We have a vested interest in only carrying … Continue reading

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How to Reduce Allergy Symptoms This Year

When people picture what Canada looks like it usually evokes images of beautiful nature landscapes, from the Rocky Mountains, to the east coast sandy shores, and everything in between. However, what people don’t see are the allergy symptoms the great … Continue reading

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