Show Your Carpets Some Love

Carpet Cleaning Tips

Carpet Cleaning Tips

Very few houses have zero carpeting. There’s always that spare bedroom, a carpeted flight of stairs, an entry mat, or area rug in the den. As we transition out of the muddy Spring and into the Summer months it’s time to show our carpets some love.

Most of us have the vacuuming thing down pat, but when it comes to stains it can get a little tricky. From carpet extractors, to steamers, and spot cleaners, there’s many different options to choose from. No matter what your preferred method of treatment is, it’s always best to have a solution on-hand.

Carpet Extractors

Designed to scrub water and a cleaning solution into the carpeting. The subbing will loosen the dirt and the suction will remove the soiled water from the surface. Carpet Extractors (or carpet cleaners) are our go-to for continued maintenance. Follow our carpet extractor guide for the best results.

Full size extractors are similar to an upright vacuum and will be able to clean wall-to-wall carpeting as well as area rugs. Included are hand tools for stairs and upholstery. Portable spot scrubbers are also available which are for stairs and upholstery.

These are not to be confused with a ‘Steamer’ which only uses water and high pressure steam. Steamers are ideal for sanitizing tile and hard surfaces, and will not remove stains from carpeting. Using a steamer on stains or odours can actually push it deeper into the carpet fibres.

Stain Removers

These are ideal for doing small areas of staining or for spot treatments. Depending on the type of stain different solutions would work better. For general spot cleaning the Roto-Static Carpet and Stain Remover is our top recommended option.

Any biological stains (i.e. urine) requires an enzyme based cleaner to break the stain and odour down. Without enzymes the cleaning agent will not be as effective. For fresh, or set-in, urine stains and odour Urine-Erase is a must try solution. It works every time, even when all else fails. By separating the enzymes from the liquid solution it ensures the most concentrated urine removal method.

For best results clean the stain before it dries. Don’t fret – even set in stains can be removed with the right solution! A colour-fastness test should be done on the surface before any cleaning solution is used.

Freshen Up Carpeting

Even if staining isn’t an issue your carpets still might need a bit of freshening up. When pets are present in a home their dander and shed hair can cause quite a funky odour. Fresh Wave Carpet Shake is a great way to help remove carpet smell and get rid of the odour. Simply shake the powder onto the carpet or area rug and let sit. After 10 minutes vacuum up the shake to reveal a fresher smelling carpet.

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