Spring Cleaning for your Closets

How to Spring Clean your Closets:

How to Spring Clean your Closets:

To some a closet is the place to neatly organize their possession. To others a closet is the place of continuous clutter. Either way Spring is the perfect time to check the state of your bedroom and linen closets.

Start by carving out some time and reducing the chance of interruptions. This could mean starting a movie for the kids or gathering supplies like plastic bags and totes. We recommend starting (and finishing) one closet at a time.

Some people start by taking absolutely everything out of a closet. However, if you’re already overwhelmed about the thought of cleaning this step could add more stress than necessary. While you don’t have to remove everything, you do have to look at and consider every item.

From first glance it’s easy to separate the items you know you’re going to keep, donate, and toss. Immediately remove any donate or toss items and separate them into two piles.

Tips for cleaning the linen closet:

The linen closet can be a catchall in some homes and the contents can range between the logical and why-is-that-in-here side. Yearly you should go through the items and decide if they should be donated, tossed, or kept. Its best to remove:

  • Toiletry gift sets you won’t use
  • Toiletry items you no longer like
  • Dried nail polish
  • Expired medicine (including over the counter).
  • Keep two sets for every adult
  • Keep one set for every child
  • Keep one set for guests
  • Donate any extras to a local charity (men’s/ woman’s shelters, or animal shelters are usually in need)
  • Keep two sets of sheets for every bed
  • Keep one set of guest sheets
  • Donate any extras to a local charity (men’s/ woman’s shelters, or animal shelters are usually in need)

After you’ve sorted through what you’ll be keeping and tossing corral items together in baskets to keep it looking tidy.

Tips for cleaning a bedroom closet:

If you’re deciding to keep or donate an article of clothing or accessory: try it on! Act like you’re in the dressing room and use the following criteria to make the call. How to know if you should donate an item of clothing:

  • It’s two sizes too big or small
  • It hasn’t been worn in the last year
  • It’s dated, or no longer your style
  • It doesn’t make you feel your best
  • You already have something similar (how many t-shirts does one person truly need?!) Keep the best ones and free up some space.
  • You wouldn’t buy it again right now

Once you have removed the ‘donate’ items its to organize and place things back into the closet:

  • When hanging items its best to group like items together. This means keeping your work wear separate from your weekend threads.
  • Keep you go-to items in the easiest spot to access. If you found a few items you’ve forgotten about place them in this spot too! It will help bring them into the rotation.
  • Purses and awkward items that cannot be easily stored should be placed in a tote or container. This can be neatly placed on a shelf.
  • Depending on the size of your closet you can hang a secondary rod below the original one for additional storage.

At the end of the day you should have organized (not over stuffed) closets, containing all of your favourite and necessary items. This usually means having to donate, or toss, a fair amount of things. If you struggle with letting go of items it can make it easier knowing someone else will get to enjoy the things you’ve donated.

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