Laundry Detergent at a Vacuum Store?

Laundry Detergent

Laundry Detergents from McHardy Vacuum

Would you be surprised if we told you one of our most popular items is laundry detergent?

While we are known for vacuum cleaners (our name kinda gives that away) we also specialize in whole home cleaning. From air purifiers, to odour removers, and a full line of laundry detergents; we have something for everyone’s unique cleaning needs.

For the last 15 years Persil has continued to amaze us with their stain lifting and grime fighting detergents. This laundry room superstar is available in powder, gel, and our favourite MegaPerls. A sensitive version is also available for individuals with skin and fragrance concerns. All of our Persil detergents come straight from Germany and can be used in both top load and HE washing machines.

When a regular detergent just won’t cut it there are other options available. Regardless of your lifestyle there’s a good chance someone in your family owns a piece of athletic wear – these fabrics need special attention to keep them working as intended. The UV protection, anti-microbial properties, and quick wicking technology found in workout gear can be unintentionally damaged on laundry day.

Harsh detergents can prematurely break down the fabric or wear out the topical treatments given to these articles of clothing. As well, using traditional wax coated dyer sheets can clog the fabric reducing their breathability. Always wash with a sport-formulated detergent, like Perwoll Sport or Miele SportsWear, which will remove odours while still protecting the fabric. It’s best to air dry the garments or use a non-wax dryer sheet like the Honest Company Wet Dryer Sheets.

Whether you own your dryer, or use a Laundromat, there’s a cost associated with drying clothes. Wool Dryer Balls, like the ones from ForeverNew, are designed to aerate and lift apart the clothing. Simply toss them into the dryer with your clothes and it will help them dry faster. Saving you time, and quarters.

For the environmental conscious the Honest Company Laundry Detergent packs a green punch, yet is gentle enough for baby clothes and sensitive skin. This liquid detergent is made with plant-based ingredients and is free of chemicals.

So why do we carry laundry detergent you may ask? It started with trying to find the best detergents for our own families, which has lead us to provide families across Canada with a selection of our favourite options.

Have you seen Persil ProClean pop up in Big Box stores around you? Don’t be confused – this is their North American version and is not made in Germany. It is actually produced by the Dial Corporation, a subsidiarity of Henkel (the company who owns Persil). For more details see our review and comparison of Persil ProClean.


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