The Buzz about battery operated vacuums

Are battery

Are Robot and Cordless Vacuums worth it?

Can you image what it was like to clean your carpets say 50 years ago? What about 100 years ago? From homemade brooms in the 1700’s, to hand-crank operated carpet sweepers in 1869, to a horse mounted – gasoline powered vacuum in 1901, it’s never been easier to get that freshly cleaned look.

As the times change so does the way we clean our homes. But, is the buzz around the newest types of vacuums really worth the hype? Older style cordless vacuums used inefficient batteries, which would develop a charge memory and become very weak as the battery drained.

Now with Lithium Ion batteries and increased motor performance today’s cordless vacuums pack a punch, and are more efficient than your grandmother’s dust-buster.

Robot Vacuums:

  • Can be scheduled to clean while you are away from home or busy taking care of other household requirements.
  • Roomba robot vacuums actually have a suction motor, while some other models only act as a carpet sweeper.

Stick Vacuums:

  • Great for quick pick-ups and spot cleaning.
  • Dyson and Electrolux units can be converted to a handheld unit for detailed jobs.

While a cordless vacuum, be it a robot or stick, won’t replace your standard full size vacuum they are well worth the investment. Overall the quality and convenience of the newer battery operated vacuums provide a solution to our busy lives. They also help to solve that age old question of: ‘When exactly am I going to find time to clean the house?!

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