Dyson V8 Animal and V8 Absolute Comparison – Differences Explained

Dyson V8 Animal and V8 Absolute Comparison

Dyson V8 Animal and V8 Absolute Comparison

Difference between Dyson V8 Animal and V8 Absolute vacuum:

The Dyson V8 Absolute comes with an extra floor tool, called the soft roller cleaner head, which is designed specifically for cleaning non-carpeted surfaces. With the soft nylon and anti-static carbon filament brush bar the soft roller head can pick large debris and remove the fine layer of dust all at the same time.

For added performance when picking up large debris, like Cheerios, the visor on the soft roller cleaner head does not touch the floor like similar attachments. This extra high clearance allows the V8 Absolute to actually pick up the debris opposed to pushing it around.

For homes with mostly bare floors (i.e. hardwood, tile, laminate) this extra attachment makes all the difference and really helps to keep your home clean.

When comparing the Dyson V8 Animal and the Dyson V8 Absolute the soft roller cleaner head mentioned above is the main difference. Both packages include the carpet head, dusting brush, crevice tool, mini powerhead, mattress tool, soft dusting brush, and extension hose.

The reviews for the Dyson V8 cordless vacuums are quite impressive. Due to their versatility they can be used as a stick vacuum for quick pick-ups, or converted into a handheld vacuum for detailed work on upholstery, stairs, and vehicles.

Customer reviews for Dyson V8 Animal

Customer reviews for Dyson V8 Absolute

 Main differences between Dyson V6 and V8 Vacuums:

  • Direct drive powerhead gives 75% better cleaning performance on carpeting than the V6 line. The direct drive system means the motor that controls the brush bar is inside the brush itself.
  • Hygienic dirt extractor dustbin system allows a cleaner experience when emptying the dirt bin, while the silicone blade wipes down the shroud to remove hair and debris buildup.
  • Longer run time. The Dyson V6 has 6-20 minutes of cleaning time, while the Dyson V8 has a 7-40 minute run time.

Battery life of Dyson V8 Vacuums:

  • 40 minutes with non-electrical attachments (dusting brush and crevice tool)
  • 25 minute run time with electrical tools (carpet cleaner head and soft roller cleaner head)
  • 7 minute run time on ‘Max’ setting
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