Pet Clean Up and Odour Removal

Pet Odour Removal

Pet Odour Removal

We get it. Pets are cute, they are members of our family, and nothing beats a furry hug or cuddle at the end of a busy day. What we don’t understand is why people think they have to live with pet stains or odours.

It’s true – we’re a vacuum store. But we’re so much more than just a vacuum store. While vacuuming up pet hair from carpets, to ceiling fans, and everywhere in between is one of the main things we do, we also have a strong focus on whole home cleaning. That means we can help clean that unidentified stain in the middle of your living room rug, or help remove that all too familiar urine odour.

The tricky part about cleaning pet messes, like urine and poop, is knowing what works. Through trial and error, customer feedback, and plain old science, we carry a list of vetted products we know will help. One of the most important, but often forgotten, details is that cleaners used to remove urine or poop needs to be considered an enzyme based cleaner, or have active enzymes in it.

What’s the big deal with enzyme based cleaners? Enzymes are a protein contained in all living things, and they can be thought as a catalyst to reactions. When trying to clean a stain or odour made up of biological matter (i.e. urine, fecal matter, blood, vomit, etc.) the enzymes in the cleaning solution work to speed up and actually breakdown the particles. Without the enzymes most cleaners are ineffective at completely removing the stains or odours.

When dealing with pets it is imperative to completely remove the molecules that the stain and/or odour consisted of. If an animal can smell where it previously urinated it will think that’s where they should be doing their business. Obviously accidents happen, but remember animals are creatures of habit. If you’re trying to housebreak a new puppy, or have a very stubborn cat, not correctly detailing with urine will have an unintended detrimental affect on your efforts as it will continue to go back to the spot. Our four top products for cleaning up after pet messes:

One Step Pet Stain and Odour Remover

  • As their name alludes to, this is a one-step, spray on solution. Simply spray (or pour) One-Step on the stain and let sit for 15 minutes so the cleaner can go to work. After it’s penetrated the area wipe clean with a rag or cloth. It’s non-toxic, made in Canada, and actually leaves a nice smell behind!
  • We love this product because it’s simple yet effective. It’s recommended for general cleaning of dog crates and cages, as well as cat litter boxes. It is also our top choice for cleaning out dog cage liners if an accident happened inside the cage.
  • If you are training a new puppy, or have older pets at home, it’s great to have a bottle on hand just in case. It works on all surfaces we have tested and is the best way to quickly clean up any animal pee.

Urine Erase Stain and Odour Remover

  • What separates Urine Erase from the competition is their dual-step process. The first step is to mix the included enzyme power with water and then cover the area with the mixture and let sit for 8 hours. Then, use the pre-mixed solution overtop of the enzymes to ensure full coverage. By not pre-mixing the enzymes into the solution it ensures the most potency for the best odour and stain fighting ability.
  • Urine Erase is great for cleaning large areas. Due to their increase enzyme effectiveness it can clean tough, set-in odours, including 30-year-old urine odours. Not only can it be used to remove pet urine, it’s also ideal for mattress cleaning or cleaning up after leaky toilet bowls and toilet bowl gaskets.

Clean + Green De-Skunker

  • If you have pets that go outside you need to have a can of De-Skunker on hand… at all times. Have a large dog, or multiple small dogs? Better make that two cans. We’re being serious. Skunks are considered crepuscular, which means they are active at dusk and dawn, hence this is when a dog is most likely to be sprayed by a skunk. Who really wants to start an unplanned dog bath before work, or before bed, when other options are available?
  • While other methods of removing skunk smell from animals are known to work quite well, their application isn’t so easy. The convenient design of the Clean + Green De Skunk Coat Cleaner allows it to be easily sprayed directly onto the animals fur, as well the cleaner can be spray onto any upholstered area that has been cross contaminated. This means if Fido made it into your vehicle, onto a couch, or rubbed up against your favourite clothes, you won’t have to live with the skunk odour.
  • Instead of just covering or masking the pungent odour like many other DIY skunk odour removers do the Clean + Green spray actually works to breakdown the offending smell. The ingredients will encapsulate the skunk odour molecules allowing them to breakdown naturally returning the surface to an odour-neutral state.
  • Since the de-skunker is completely safe for pets, and the planet, multiple applications can be applied without worrying about potential health risks. It is recommended to spray the cleaner onto a cloth, and not directly into the face, when treating the eyes, nose, and muzzle areas.

Clean + Green Litter Box Cleaner

  • Any one who’s had an indoor cat knows how quickly a little box can turn from fresh and clean to an offensive off-putting odour source. Working double-duty is the Clean + Green Litter Box Spray. It can be used in-between full litter changes, and to physically clean the litter box. To keep odours at bay give the box a quick spray and the all-natural cleaner will encapsulate and breakdown the odours present in the box. Or, once the box is fully emptied spray the cleaner onto the plastic before it’s refilled with fresh littler. Odours can linger on plastic surfaces and without proper removal can be re-emitted into the room. Let the spray sit for 30 seconds then wipe away for a fresher experience – for both the cats and human in the household!
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