How to Remove Household Odours

How to Remove Household Odours

How to Remove Household Odours

Life stinks – literally! From pets, to sports gear, to garbage cans, there is usually at least one unpleasant odour trying to invade our home and nostrils. But why live with it?!

Recently, HE dishwashers have become a popular choice when building a new home or replacing an older unit. The newer style machines tout that they use less water, but they can also leave a funky smell inside the dishwasher and kitchen if not used on a daily basis. This is due to their reservoir pan. Miele has helped solve this problem with their take on the Dishwasher Freshener. Simply use the hook to hang it inside any brand of dishwasher to cut down on what some users call the ‘swamp water’ smell. Of course, if you have grease or food build up a cycle with a Dishwasher Conditioner will help as well.

Other areas in our home sometimes need special attention. If you’ve tried the ‘spray-it-with-air-freshener-and-forget-it’ approach you might have discovered the flaw with most room sprays. Typical big brand sprays don’t actually remove the odour. They will temporarily cover the offending odour with the canned scent. If you’re lucky enough the actual odour will dissipate before you re-enter the space. If not, you’re left with a bad smelling room mixed with someone’s interpretation of Spring Time Fresh.

When the cause of a re-occurring odour cannot be removed from the home it’s time to take a different approach. Fresh Wave is an all-natural product, which actually breaks down the odour at the molecular level. No weird chemicals, no VOC’s, just science and honest-to-goodness stuff. Best of all you can pronounce every ingredient.

The Gel can be left out in the open and works to absorb air-born odours. It’s great for musty basements, the cottage … or beside the litter box. For targeted odour removal the Fresh Wave Spray is our go-to option. It works great in the bathroom, or sprayed directly onto un-washable items like pet beds, sports equipment, and furniture. When it’s your front load washing machine causing the stink the Fresh Wave Wash can be used to wipe down the gasket or used in an empty load to return the washer to an odour free zone.

Have you ever noticed that small areas sometimes pack the biggest punch? We’re talking about diaper pails, gym bags, and yes … garbage cans. One of our favourite Fresh Wave products is the Pearl Packs. Place the Pearl Packs inside drawers or in shoes and let nature do it’s thing. Or use them in combination with the Pod, which holds a Pearl Pack in precarious places like the lid of a garbage bin.

Did you know:

Without enzymes most cleaners cannot remove odours or stains caused from biological matter like urine, poop, vomit, and blood. Enzymes speed up the cleaning process by breaking down the chemical components causing the problem. This is a very important detail when cleaning up after pets. Find out what we find works best for cleaning pet messes here.

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