Persil ProClean Power Pearls vs. Persil MegaPerls

Persil ProClean comparison to Persil MegaPerls

Persil ProClean comparison to Persil MegaPerls

Persil ProClean Power Pearls is the North American version of the Persil MegaPerls, but in our opinion is not equal.

Henkel makes Persil MegaPerls in their German factory, while Persil ProClean is made by their American subsidiary – The Dial Corporation. Persil ProClean was introduced as a new ‘low cost’ option to compete with other traditional brands like Tide. The formulation and performance of the product reflects this pricing strategy.

Since Persil ProClean is made by Dial, and the formulation has been changed to fit the North American production, we have received many complaints about allergic reactions while using Persil ProClean. If you have had allergic reactions to Dial products in the past you may experience similar results with Persil ProClean laundry detergent.

While the overall online reviews seem positive we have to dig in to get a better picture. The first Persil ProClean Power Pearl reviews that were posted online were from the early adopters of the product – basically people who had previously used Persil and tried this version.

Anyone who has used the Persil MegaPerls, Persil Powder, and Persil Gel laundry detergent will notice a huge difference if they try the Persil ProClean – and not in a good way. The differences are:

  • The overall cleaning capabilities of Persil ProClean are lower than Persil MegaPerls.
  • Users noticing a sour smell on clothes after washing with Persil ProClean, which gets worse when clothes are stored.
  • Having to use more of the Persil ProClean than the Persil MegaPerls.
  • Persil ProClean (especially the Power-Pearls) having a heavily perfumed scent out of the bottle, which are bothersome users with and without sensitivities to odours. Many people prefer Persil MegaPerls as a laundry detergent when they are odour sensitive.
  • Persil ProClean uses ‘optical brighteners’ which adds chemicals to your clothing. Persil MegaPerls uses an ‘Anti-Greying Formula,’ which will help fabrics from breaking down and keep clothes newer looking than the brighteners.

The second wave of Persil ProClean reviews were from general users, as well as from users given free samples in return for their reviews. Having never used the German made Persil MegaPerls they were comparing it to typical North American laundry detergent, and not the high quality European product we have come to know and love. This means most of the reviews for Persil ProClean are comparing it to Tide, Cheer, Gain, etc., and are not a comparison between it and Persil MegaPerls.

Cons of the bottle:

  • No pouring spout, which makes it hard to pour detergent into measuring cup. This makes it quite messy and awkward.
  • The bottle says there are 37 loads per container, when using the ‘normal load’ amount specified. The ‘normal load’ line on the measuring cup is hard to see, leading to more detergent being used lowering the load count.

In closing the Persil ProClean Power-Pearls is an okay laundry detergent, but is not near the same quality as the Persil MegaPerls from the German Henkel production facility.

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