How to Get The Best Clean With Your Vacuum

How to get the best performance out of your vacuum.

How to get the most out of your vacuum.

You know what its like … you just finished a marathon cleaning session (or what feels like it anyways) only to turn around and see that one pesky spot still covered in dust and looking less than presentable.

If you’re not using the supplied attachments that came with your machine, or adding specialized cleaning tools, you’re not getting the most out of your vacuum. When you have the right tools available it makes it easier to clean your home from top to bottom.

Most vacuum cleaners come with the standard dusting brush, crevice tool, and upholstery tool. While these can seem like basic attachments, their potential is quite impressive. We find most homeowners fall into the ‘get it done quick’ trap and try to clean everything with one tool, or worse no tool at all. This can save time, as you don’t need to stop cleaning, but it can prevent a thorough clean and actually cause damage.

If you’re not using an attachment on the end of the hose or wand the plastic will eventually wear down. This will prevent a proper fit between the wand and other floor tools, and in most cases the worn parts will need to be replaced. As well, damage can be caused to the surface you are cleaning especially if the wand has metal ends.

When we see wands getting worn down the user usually tells us they are cleaning around the perimeter of a room – either the baseboards or crown moldings. When a delicate surface like wood, or even painted surfaces like drywall, are constantly being rubbed with a hard plastic or metal part they can easily become scratched, dented, and dinged. It is always best to use an attachment to prevent any unintentional damage.

How you should be using your tools:

Dusting Brush
  • Clean base boards and crown molding
  • Clean exhaust fans in the bathroom
  • Clean the dashboard and vents in vehicles
Crevice Tool
  • Clean dryer vents and exhaust pipes
  • Clean the tracks in windows and sliding doors
  • Clean the coils on fridges and freezers
  • Clean where the risers meet the treads on stairs, as well as where they meet the wall
Upholstery Tool
  • Clean any cloth furniture
  • Can be used to vacuum mattresses and pet beds
  • The red strip on most upholstery tools actually help lift hair and fibers trapped in the upholstery

Still have areas in your home you can’t quite clean? We have many specialized tools designed to clean tricky areas:

  • Many homes have venetian blinds that can be daunting to clean simply because the amount of dust they can collect. Our Shutter Blind tool cleans the top and bottom of each blind, plus cleans 3-4 rows at a time.
  • Some areas, like carpeted stairs, are too much for an upholstery tool. An air driven turbo head, like the Miele STB101, with a spinning agitator (brush bar) cleans much deeper and in a quicker amount of time.
  • If pets are present in the home you know the love-hate relationship that can develop with their hair. We suggest using Pet Grooming vacuum attachments to remove shedding hair before it becomes a problem. Of course, slowly allow your furry friend to become comfortable around the vacuum before trying this!
  • For central vacuum users a WallyVac, which is an auxiliary inlet with hose combination, can be quite useful in trouble areas like mud rooms and pantries.
  • Flexible Crevice tool and Extended Crevice tools are great for cleaning under furniture and appliances. See the Miele version here.
  • We never thought Shag carpeted would make a comeback, but we are glad that Shag Rakes are still available! The prongs help to lift the long fibers back up and ‘re-fluff’ the carpet.

Did you know:

According to the Smithsonian Institute almost all spiders that get sucked into a vacuum cleaner will die. There are two main causes of death at play – trauma from being bounced around the hose and wand, and thirst if the spider makes it into the collection bag or bin and cannot make it back out.

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