Clean better with the Honest Company

Clean better with the Honest Company

Clean better with the Honest Company

While the word ‘vacuum’ is in our name, we are more than just a vacuum store. For those who don’t know, our motto is: ‘Cleaning your home today, for a healthier tomorrow.’ We have a vested interest in only carrying products we stand behind, and believe will help improve the lives of our customers.

One of the new product lines we find fits our requirements and surpasses our expectations is The Honest Company. You might know them from their cheeky baby diapers, but they also have a guilt-free cleaning line. No chemicals, no toxins, and no dangerous residues left behind or sprayed into the air.

Many people who have allergies, asthma, or MCS (Multiple Chemical Sensitivity) are negatively affected by traditional cleaning products. When we spray products into the air, or onto surfaces, we inadvertently inhale the substances into our bodies. By using a product without harmful ingredients you can avoid the potential dangers. Even if you do not have breathing problems do you really want chemicals, toxins, and known cancer causing particles floating around your home?

However, it’s more than just cleaning your home with ‘green products,’ it’s about cleaning products that actually work. Honestly? We love the Honest Company!

For the home:

If you’re anything like us there are kids, grandkids, and pets running around your home at any given moment. Why risk their health with harmful chemicals when you can have the same cleaning performance, and not to mention an amazing smell, with the Honest Multi Surface Cleaner. Designed for use on toys, high chairs, counters, floors, walls, and anywhere else grime shows up!

For the kitchen:

Whether you are a hand washed or dishwasher type Honest has you covered. The Honest White Grapefruit Dish Soap is strong enough to cut through grease and baked-on gunk. The coconut-based ingredients are tough on grime, but soft enough for use on delicate baby bottles or stemware.

For the other half of the world the Honest Dishwasher Packs are the answer for your cleaning needs. Simply pop one of the pre-measured packs into the dishwasher and watch the plant and mineral based cleaning and degreasing agents work their magic. They are non-toxic, so there are no harmful residues to worry about.

For the laundry room:

Packing a 1-2 punch to help make a dreaded chore a little easier is the Honest laundry detergent and dryer cloths. By avoiding the use of harsh chemicals in their detergent it makes it safe for use on baby clothes and for people with sensitive skin. The non-toxic and hypoallergenic formula rinses thoroughly leaving only softer, brighter fabrics, and a pleasant fresh smell.

Unique to the Honest Company is their wet dryer cloths. Gone are the days of the chemical laden dryer sheets with questionable ingredients. As the fabrics dry they will be infused with the natural softeners of the cloths leaving them soft and static-free. Each cloth can be used twice, further reducing their environmental impact.

Did you know:

Most dryer sheets contain animal-by products including animal fats and waxes. These compounds are rubbed onto your clothes and can cause dulling over time. Honest Dryer Cloths are Vegan and are not tested on animals.

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