How to Remove Household Odours

How to reduce and eliminate odours

How to reduce and eliminate odours

As the weather starts to turn cooler, we rely to our homes to keep us warm. Usually this means closing the windows and spending more time inside. As much as we like to think our homes smell nice and clean, the colder season allows our dirty laundry, and their not-so-pleasant odours, to be on display.

The most important part about removing odours is to ensure they are eliminated, and not just masked. Typical ‘home sprays’ or air fresheners just cover up a bad smell with a prettier one. They don’t actually work to remove the cause of the odour, which leaves you constantly spraying the air … and buying more air fresheners.

Odours can happen anywhere in our homes; including where we get our clothes clean. Any one with a front load washing machine knows what we’re talking about! That’s where Fresh Wave Fresh Wash comes in. The all-natural solution encapsulates and breaks down the molecules causing the stink. It can be used to wipe down the rubber gasket on the door of the washing machines, and can be added to your regular wash cycle. Either way, it will help to get rid of that smelly washing machine odour.

If odours are present in a large area, like a musty basement, an Air Purifier with charcoal element will be your best from of defence. Air Purifiers work by drawing in air, cycling it through the filter, then expelling it back into the room. Air Purifiers that utilize activated charcoal will improve air quality as well as remove odours. Charcoal absorbs the offending odours and releases them as a odour neutral molecule. The IQAir Health Pro Plus has the V5 Charcoal cell, and the Austin Air HealthMate HM400 contains 15lbs of activated charcoal. Both units will remove smoke, gasses, VOC’s, and animal odours.

When pets are present in the home odours can be caused by a specific source, like litter boxes. Even though they are mandatory for any cat owner, litter boxes can be a major cause of odours in the home. To help keep your nose happy we recommend the Clean+Green Litter Box Spray, which can be used two ways:

  1. After scooping it can be sprayed directly in the litter box between full cleans.
  2. It can be used to clean the actual litter box itself during a litter switch out and helps to remove any built up odours.

The spray attacks the odour causing molecules and allows them to biodegrade naturally. Keep odours at bay without using chemicals, carcinogens, or VOC’s.

Did you know: There are 12 species of skunks, 4 of which call North America home. Female skunks will have a litter every May, which consists of 3-10 kits (babies). Now that’s a lot of skunks!!

  • Don’t get caught empty handed when a skunk makes enemies with one your family members. Keep a container of Clean+Green De-Skunk at home and always be prepared for the worse case situation.
  • Unlike other types of de-skunk methods the Clean+Green De-Skunk can also be used on furniture, upholstery, carpets, and other surfaces skunk odour has come into contact with. The spray mechanism allows it to be effective over large surfaces and on hard to treat areas.
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