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Fresh Wave Products

Fresh Wave products are safe for children, pets, and the environment.

Whether you have a baby, teenagers, pets, smoker, chef … or none of the above, there are bound to be odours in your home. Odours can be caused by many things and can be a pain to remove with traditional ‘room sprays’ or air fresheners.

Many odour control products on the market simply mask the odour, and don’t get to the route of the problem. They do this by putting harmful, pretty smelling, chemicals into the air. The chemicals simply cover the offending smell, and once they dissipate the foul odour returns. Because of the way they work it’s clear to see aerosol air fresheners are bad for your lungs, and overall health.

When looking at odour removal options for your home you need to look at the all-natural Fresh Wave products. Their solutions are made with non-toxic ingredients including Lime, Pine Needles, Aniseed Clove, Cedarwood, and water. They work to encapsulate the offending molecules and break them down, naturally removing the cause of the odours. Now isn’t that better than a house full of toxins?

One of our favourite products to combat odours is the Fresh Wave Fresh Pod. Its slim, compact design, allows it to be installed in places other deodorizers couldn’t fit. The adhesive on the back can be attached to garbage can lids, cupboards, and in diaper pails to remove odours in the nursery. It also works great to control odours in boats, RV’s, lockers, and storage rooms. Simply place a Fresh Wave Pearl Pack inside the Fresh Pod and have constant odour control for up to 60 days. The Pearl Packs can also be used outside of the Fresh Pod in areas like gym bags, hockey bags, drawers, and cars.

The Fresh Wave products work so well we have been proudly recommending them for almost 10 years. In the vacuum industry you come across smelly, foul, and downright gross vacuums on a daily basis. When the Fresh Wave Vacuum Pearls were put to the test it was clear to see there was a winner.

A cap full of Fresh Wave vacuum pearls inside the vacuum bag, or inside the dirt bucket, helps to remove the smelly odour from the vacuum cleaner. Previous versions of the vacuum sent tab used the same method as air fresheners, and tried to mask the much-hated dirty vacuum smell with an even stronger sent. Most of the time the sent tabs smelled worse than the original odour, and frankly didn’t work well at removing the odour from the vacuum.

Your home has odours, and we can help! View all of the products available from Fresh Wave here, or give us a call at 1-877-537-8227. Your nose will thank you!

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