Why You Should Use Vacuum Attachments

Vacuum Cleaner Attachments

Why do you need to use vacuum attachments anyways?

Much like a puzzle requires different pieces to be completed, a home needs several different tools to be cleaned. People may think vacuum attachments are ‘just another thing to lug around..’ but they are designed to help make your cleaning easier, and actually protect future and floors from damage.

When attachments aren’t used the hard plastic or metal openings can damage the surfaces you are cleaning, especially if you clean the same area over and over again as part of your regular routine. For example, if you use the hose to clean crumbs or dust off of a wood surface the repetitive motion can cause scratches or wear off the finish.

Not only can you damage the surface you are cleaning, you can actually cause damage to the vacuum itself. One of the most important reasons why you should always use an attachment is because you can wear down the wand or hose handle. Once warn, the parts can stop fitting together properly causing the vacuum to lose performance and the affected parts may need to be replaced.

Most vacuums come with tools that can be attached to the end of the wand or hose. If you are cleaning above floor surfaces (anything that isn’t the floor) it is recommended to use the appropriate tool for the best cleaning results. Chances are an upholstery tool is going to clean fabric better than just the opening of the wand.

On delicate surfaces like TV screens, wood baseboards, blinds, walls, and ceiling fans use the dusting brush. The soft bristles help to lift and remove dust, while ensuing no damage is caused to the surface. Upholstery tools and mini turbo/power heads are great for fabric surfaces or carpeted stairs. A crevice tool should be used to clean hard to reach areas like vents, corners, between seat cushions, and window tracks.

Larger areas may need a bigger dusting brush than originally included or you might need replacement tools depending on their age and condition. These items are usually available separately and can be specific to the brand.

Need help? Contact us with any questions you may have, or for help finding the best vacuum attachment for the job. We’d love to hear from you!

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