What not to pick up with a vacuum

What not to pick up with a vacuum

What not to pick up with your vacuum.

Not everyone loves to vacuum, but almost everyone loves how convenient vacuums can be. When messes happen, and things get spilled, it can be tempting to grab the vacuum … regardless of what needs to be cleaned. The tendency to use it to pick up things it shouldn’t be used for can result in a clean floor, but most often it will leave you with a damaged machine.

The two main culprits we see this time of year are:

1. Water during the wet season

Spring in Canada can be damp, muddy, and downright messy. With in-and-out traffic all of this can get tracked back inside. Not to mention the water leaks that can pop up during weather changes. Before vacuuming entry mats check to make sure they are dry – even if they don’t look wet they could still be damp. And do not vacuum any liquids unless your machine is capable of wet pick up – think spilled cereal and milk!

2. Debris during renovation season

Spring and summer months are a common time for home improvements, and when walls go up or come down drywall dust can be everywhere. Due to it’s fine nature it can pass through a vacuums bag and filter and get into the motor compartment. If this happens the motor will get clogged and burn out, which is a costly repair. It is not recommended to use residential vacuums to pick up drywall dust. Even for some commercial or ShopVac type machines drywall dust can be too fine.

In general, do not use your vacuum to pick up any of the following items.

  • Christmas tree needles (real or artificial)
  • Any fine powder containing Talc or baking soda, granular carpet shake is safe
  • Broken glass
  • Paper clips
  • Nails/screws
  • Bobby pins
  • Paper (shredded or otherwise)

In most cases they will get stuck in the hose or wand causing a clog. These clogs can result in a loss of suction and are not covered under the warranty. A good rule of thumb is if it can be picked up by hand it probably should be. If you’re ever in doubt ask!

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