Miele S2 to C1 Vacuum Series Comparison

Miele C1 Vacuum Comparison and Review

Compare the Miele Classic C1 HardFloor and C1 Cat & Dog

To help better describe the intended usage of their vacuums Miele has recently changed the names of their packages. With this, we’ve seen the Miele S2 line become the Miele Classic C1 line here in Canada. The review and comparison of available Miele C1 packages are below.

Miele Classic C1 HardFloor Canister Vacuum

The first package available in the C1 line is the Miele Classic C1 HardFloor vacuum cleaner, which was previously the Miele S2 Contour. As the name suggests this package is ideal for homes with mostly hard floor surfaces. The included combination tool allows you to clean both bare floors and low pile / low traffic carpets or area rugs with one tool. Since the combination tool does not have an agitator (rotating brush bar) it is not ideal for homes with pets and/or a lot of carpets.

Miele Classic C1 Cat & Dog Canister Vacuum

Next in line is the Miele Classic C1 Dat & Dog vacuum cleaner which replaced the S2 Dimension. Coming with a bare floor brush, SEB217-3 electrified powerhead, and an Active AirClean charcoal filter to eliminate odours this vacuum is good for homes with pets. The gentle brushes on the powerhead are good for low to medium pile carpets or area rugs, and are safe for use on delicate surfaces like berber, looped, wool, and Persian or Oriental area rugs.

Unlike the Miele Compact C2 and Complete C3 lines, the Miele C1 vacuum’s aren’t sealed. This means they have higher dust emissions and aren’t as good for allergy or asthma sufferers. They do use the larger Miele GN vacuum bags and can be upgraded to the HEPA filter.

Buying a vacuum can be a difficult due to the numerous choices, if you need help picking your next one please contact us at 1-877-537-8227. We’d love to hear from you and we’d love to help!

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