Spring Cleaning Checklist for Outside

Spring Cleaning is usually associated with a deep clean of interior spaces. However, that fresh, clean, feeling, shouldn’t be limited to indoor areas. Outdoor spaces are becoming more like our second living room and shouldn’t be excluded from this annual tradition. Spending time early in the year tending to outdoor requirements help us identify and fix any issue before they become a large headache. As well, it allows more time during the warmer days to enjoy our homes to the full extent.

Most people dread the thought of Spring Cleaning. They know it something that should be done, but all of the tasks can be overwhelming. When you break it down into a Spring Cleaning Checklist it makes the job easier. You can tackle it all in a weekend, or spread it out over a couple weeks. Our Spring Cleaning Checklist of Outside Areas will help you get the job done.

Spring Cleaning Checklist for Outside Areas

View printable checklist here: Cleaning checklist for outside areas

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