Proper Way to Vacuum Carpets

Carpet Cleaning

Trends chance, and so does the way we clean our homes.

As years pass and trends emerge we’ve seen a major shift from homes with mostly wall-to-wall carpeting to homes with mostly bare floors. Even though preferences have changed you will usually find one or two rooms with carpeting or area rugs. Our job is to help you effectively clean these carpeted surfaces.

Chances are you have an existing vacuum at home. Before you power it up for your next cleaning session take a few moments to check the agitator (brush bar) and ensure it is free of hair and string. Use a pair of scissors or a seam ripper to cut away any material. A clean agitator will clean the carpets better.

For the most effective clean you will need to select the proper tool for the job. If you have a canister vacuum make sure you are using the carpet attachment, which is usually a turbo or electric powerhead. While some people like to use a bare floor brush on all flooring, it doesn’t offer the agitation required to loosen trapped dirt in carpets. With upright vacuums you will use main nozzle and ensure you are in the ‘carpet’ setting if there is an option on your machine.

Some power heads and uprights have a height adjustment feature. This allows you to raise or lower the agitator (brush roll) closer or further away from the carpet. While it can be tempting to set it to the lowest setting, this can actually be counter-productive. If it’s too close to the carpet it can block the opening of the vacuum, making it hard to push and hard for the suction to remove the debris. This is why it should be adjusted for the different carpet piles throughout the home.

One of the biggest changes we’ve seen is the popularity of shag area rugs. While they feel great on our feet, cleaning shag rugs can be a bit tricky. The agitator (brush bar) can be caught in the long fibres and get bogged down. We usually recommend turning the brush bar off if possible, and only cleaning it with straight suction. You can also use a combination tool with the bristles retracted on canister vacuums.

Tips for effective cleaning:

    • When cleaning any room start at the highest point, that way any stirred up dust and dirt can fall to the ground to be vacuumed up later. For example, clean ceiling fans and bookshelves before the flooring.
    • Start vacuuming at the farthest end of the room and move in the direction of the door. This prevents you from walking on the freshly vacuumed carpet.
    • Vacuum forward and backwards, plus side to side.  Doing this will ensure all areas have been cleaned.
    • To calm the OCD in all of us learn how to make the perfect vacuum lines here.
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