Choosing the Right Vacuum for Your Home

Miele SEB217 Powerhead

Miele SEB217-3 Powerhead is ideal for Berber and delicate carpets

Many people think that they can grab a boxed vacuum off of a shelf and expect that it will clean any flooring in any home. The truth is every vacuum has its strengths and is suited for different applications. For best results you need to pick the right vacuum for your home.

Typically, if your house has a mix between carpeting and bare floors, or is all bare floors with area rugs, we recommend a canister vacuum cleaner. This is because they are the most versatile when cleaning both types of floors. With a canister vacuum cleaner you can change the floor attachment depending on the surface. For non-carpeted areas you would use the bare floor brush, and to vacuum carpets and area rugs you would use the power head or carpet tool. This allows for the most effective cleaning.

Canisters are separated into two main categories – straight suction and electrified. Straight suction canisters are good if you only have a few low pile/low traffic area rugs and no animals in the household. To clean homes with animals and carpets you will need an electrified canister.

On the other hand, if your house only has carpeting, or you do not vacuum your bare floor surfaces, an upright vacuum is usually recommended. All uprights are suited to clean carpets, but not all are capable of cleaning bare floor surfaces. To clean non-carpeted areas with an upright vacuum ensure it has a bare-floor setting, or a hose and wand with attachment.

Different types of carpeting also have different requirements:

  • To vacuum berber, oriental, wool, or other delicate carpets and area rugs you need agitation but only with a soft brush roll.

– The Miele SEB217-3 powerhead is our recommended way to clean berber, oriental, and wool carpets. It can be found in packages like the Miele S6 Dimension Plus and Miele S8 Cat and Dog.

  • To vacuum shag, frieze, and ‘Corn Silk’ carpets you need agitator with a stiffer brush roll, and height adjustment.

– The SEBO Automatic X4 upright vacuum and Miele S8 Dimension canister vacuum cleaner is our recommended vacuum for shag, frieze, and thick pile carpets.

By choosing the right vacuum for your home you will ensure cleaning is easy and effective!

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