Reduce and eliminate household odours

Eliminate Odours

Household Odours can come from several sources, including cooking.

Household odours are impossible to avoid and come from many sources – cooking, pets, laundry hampers, stinky shoes – the list goes on. Even cleaning itself can produce unpleasant smells as your vacuum cleaner’s exhaust air may not be so fresh! Thankfully, household odours can be easily controlled and eliminated with just a few safe and simple products.

So you’ve cleaned your home from top to bottom – your eyes say ‘clean’ but your nose says ‘not so much!’ While it is tempting to just unleash a can of air freshener in the house, this is at best a temporary solution. Air fresheners only cover up or mask a bad smell with a stronger smell. But when they wear off, the unpleasant odour remains. This is because they do not eliminate the problem.

A better option is an odour neutralizer, such as Fresh Wave, which is safe, non-toxic, natural, and biodegradable. They use the naturally pleasant scents of clove, anise, lime, pine, and cedar in their products. Their Home Spray can be used to eliminate airborne odours but is even better for targeting areas such as pillows, upholstery, shoes, pet beds, and sports equipment. It has a pleasant odour that disappears as it dries; and takes foul odours with it.

For small spaces like garbage cans, diaper pails, and RV’s the Fresh Pod works to remove offensive smells. Stick the pod to any clean, flat surface, and start breathing fresher air.

Carpet is another breeding ground for odours, especially when pets are present in the home, and Fresh Wave makes a product for that too. Their Carpet Shake is designed to be used dry, not wet. Simply sprinkle it all over the carpet or area rug, leave for 10 minutes, then vacuum it up. The powder bonds to the offending bacteria or proteins causing the odour, breaks them down, and then your vacuum removes them. It’s science!

Speaking of vacuums, the air that flows through your vacuum may pick up odours leaving an unpleasant smell in the air as you clean. We recommend Fresh Wave Vacuum Pearls in the bag or dirt collection bin, and/or a quality charcoal filter. Miele offers Active Air filters, which contain active charcoal, to remove odours and prevents them from fouling your vacuum’s exhaust air. You won’t feel like you’re cleaning the floor only to pollute the air – this is especially important as winter approaches and our windows are shut tight for the season.

If your dog’s favourite armchair (and couch, rug, bed, etc.) is the problem you might consider Clean + Green Carpet and Upholstery Cleaner. This product’s natural ingredients are formulated to encapsulate odours and stains, allowing them to biodegrade naturally. There is no scrubbing or soaking necessary, and the product is completely scent-free. Spray it, leave it, and forget about it!

Try Clean + Green or Fresh Wave’s kid-safe, pet-safe, products today for a better smelling tomorrow.

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