SEBO DUO P Dry Carpet Cleaning Powder

SEBO Duo P Dry Carpet Powder

Clean carpets and upholstery with SEBO Duo P Dry Carpet Cleaning Powder

Sometimes cleaning carpets using water is not a viable option.  Carpet shrinkage, adhesive damage, the risk of mould and long ‘area out of use’ periods due to drying times are all drawbacks to wet cleaning in certain situations.

For these times, SEBO Duo Dry Cleaning Powder is just the ticket. Duo P cleaning powder is a damp compound that is sprinkled on the carpet to be cleaned, scrubbed in with a brush, allowed to set for 30 minutes, and then vacuumed up with a brushroll power head. It consists of granules moistened with a safe solvent and a detergent that dissolve and absorb dirt and odours.

Duo P Powder is very effective for large carpeted areas as well as on furniture and upholstery. One 500 g package cleans 100-200 square feet, depending on the degree of staining and traffic. It is recommended that the product be tested on a hidden area first, especially on upholstery.

As a bonus, Duo P contains an anti-resoilant fibre protector to delay soiling and staining after treatment. It also discourages dust mite allergens for up to six months after application.

Duo P can also be used to spot-treat stains when they happen. It is a very versatile product that has been garnering praise for many years. It is a great alternative to wet carpet cleaning when you need fast and thorough cleaning.

Duo P Carpet Cleaning Powder gets your carpets clean, and helps keep them that way. Try it today!

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