Care and Cleaning of Bare Floors

Bona Floor Cleaner

Bona for hardwood floors

Many homes feature a combination of bare floors, carpets, and area rugs. Within the bare floor category you may find hardwood, tile, laminate, linoleum, vinyl, and many more. For these bare floor surfaces vacuuming alone is sometimes not enough. Tracked in dirt, spilled food or drinks, and messes caused by curious pets or kids can leave your floors needing extra attention.

For tough areas and general cleaning the Bona hardwood cleaning package includes everything you need to keep your hardwood floors looking their best. The microfiber cleaning pad is machine washable (up to 300 times) and cleans without dulling or scratching polyurethane finishes. The included Hardwood, and the optional Stone, Tile, and Laminate, cleaning solutions are GreenGuard certified, and are non-toxic with no residue or vapour so it is safe for children and pets. A built in spray trigger makes cleaning easy.

If your floors need a deeper clean the Hoover FloorMate Deluxe is the best solution. It gives your floors that hand scrubbed look, without all the hard work. The Spinscrub technology uses six counter rotating brushes to wash the floor, and comes with two sets of brushes (one for delicate ares, and one for floors with grout lines). After the cleaning is done turn the FloorMate to the dry setting and allow the squeegee blades to dry your floors so you don’t have to! By using two tanks (a clean tank and a recovery tank) it ensures only clean water touches your floors, unlike the mop and bucket approach. It is safe to use on all sealed floors including hardwood, tile, marble, and bamboo.

If your home has dark floors, or similar surfaces, where even a little bit of dust can be noticeable dust mops can be a great addition. An electrostatic dust mop is available for use with the Bona system which locks in the dust in, instead of stirring it up into the air you breathe. It’s perfect for quick cleanups and catching those roaming dust bunnies when you don’t have time to haul out the full size vacuum cleaner.

Dust mops are also available as a vacuum cleaner attachment. These connect directly to your vacuum and are great for picking up fine dust that other attachments may have a hard time with. They are available in both Miele and Fit-All size.

We know you want the right tool for the job – and we can help you find it!

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