A Guide to Carpet Cleaning

Carpet Cleaners

Carpet Cleaners help remove stains and odours from carpets.

Keeping floors clean is an ongoing battle in any home. They take the brunt of the abuse from tracked in dirt and debris to spills and stains. Hard floor surfaces are simple to clean and we usually have the proper tools at our disposal. But when it comes to carpets, things get a little more complicated. Vacuum cleaners are ideal for weekly cleaning, but carpet cleaners help to remove stains and odours from carpet fibers. To keep carpets at their finest it is recommended to use a carpet cleaner 3-4 times a year.

Proper steps for using a carpet cleaner:

  1. Remove furniture and objects from area.
  2. Thoroughly vacuum carpets.
  3. Spot clean any stains or soiled areas with a pre-treatment like Roto-Static.
  4. Use the carpet cleaner with the solution and water mixture over the entire area. Do not assume that more solution results in a better clean! For best results always follow the directions on the bottle. We recommend Carpet Care as it provides an excellent clean and is a great value for the price.
  5. After the area has been cleaned with the solution and water mixture go over the area again using only water; this prevents soap buildup in the machine and also the carpet.

When using a carpet cleaner:

  • Don’t allow children or pets on the carpet until the cleaning and drying process is complete.
  • Don’t put furniture back until the carpet is dry (up to 8 hours). If you absolutely must move the furniture you can protect the legs and feet with tin-foil so they don’t get wet or leave rust marks on the carpet.
  • Don’t use the built-in heater on an existing machine or purchase a carpet cleaner with a heater. Hot tap water works best, and machines with heaters are susceptible to blockages and are costly to repair.

Depending on your needs you can either rent or purchase a carpet cleaner. If you have limited storage space or limited amount of carpeting renting a machine when required is a better option. However, if you have a fair amount of carpeting and pets/kids in the home it is more convenient to own a carpet cleaner. When you own a carpet cleaner you can use it on your own schedule, not when a machine is available to rent. As well, you’ll be able to use the machine more frequently and immediately when a stain or spill happens.

The Hoover F5912 carpet cleaner is the simplest unit in terms of operations and it is very user friendly. It is reliable and effective at cleaning all types of carpeting. It also comes with hand tools which can be used to clean carpeted stairs and upholstery. Your carpets and upholstery will thank you for the extra attention!

The Hoover carpet cleaners are available for rent at either of our London locations; please contact us at 519-451-6700 for details. Consider it a test drive! If you rent a carpet cleaner then decide to buy the machine, the cost of your rental will be discounted from the price. You can’t lose. Try one today!

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