Spring Cleaning Tips, Tricks, and Cleaning Lists

Spring Cleaning Checklist

Spring Cleaning Checklist

Are you ready to put winter behind you? After the season we’ve had, chances are you’re anxious to start fresh and the best way to do so is with a little spring cleaning. Here is a handy checklist to help you get organized and inspired:

1. Dust, dust, dust

  • Dust all surfaces including furniture, knick knacks, books, and electronics.
  • Don’t forget the “high and low” dust collectors like ceiling fan blades, door/window frames, and baseboards.
  • The most effective way to dust is by starting at the highest point of a room and working your way to the bottom. This ensures any dust that falls down will be re-collected.

Proper dusting is one way to reduce allergens from your home. Reusable microfiber ECloths work great for this task; slightly dampen cloth, wipe area, then dry with a new cloth.

2. Clean floors

  • Vacuum the front, and back side, of area rugs – then vacuum the floor underneath. This is a great time to reposition or turn area rugs to ensure even wear.
  • Vacuum all carpeting which includes moving furniture (beds and couches) to clean the hidden areas.
  • Use a carpet extractor to deep clean carpeted surfaces.
  • Use a bare floor brush to vacuum hard floor surfaces, then use a cleaning system (like Bona).

Spring is the perfect time to clean your carpets and an extractor such as the Hoover F5912 will not be left to gather dust for the rest of the year either. Extractors are perfect for taking care of wet spills all year long.

3. Vacuum upholstery and furniture

  • Remove cushions from furniture and using the crevice tool on your vacuum clean all dirt and debris.
  • Using the upholstery tool, or mini turbine head, vacuum all areas of the furniture.

Spot clean any stains with Clean and Green Cat and Dog carpet and upholstery cleaner, or Hoover Professional Strength Stain Remover.

4. Clean windows

  • Clean all window coverings depending on care instructions (either vacuum/dust, or launder).
  • With the use of the glass E-Cloth clean the inside of all windows, and if windows can be removed from frame clean the outside as well.
  • Using the crevice tool vacuum any debris from the window sill.

For cleaning slat style blinds we suggest the Shutter blind vacuum attachment.

Room Specific Cleaning Lists:


  • Remove all items from fridge and clean the shelf’s and inside door. Dispose of any expired food items.
  • Clean other appliances (stove, microwave, coffee machine, etc.) according to manufacturer’s guidelines.
  • Remove all items from cabinets and clean the shelf’s and inside doors.
  • Remove all items from pantry and clean shelf’s – dispose of any expired food items.
  • Wipe down countertops and outsides of cabinets doors.

E-cloth makes a microfiber kitchen pack as well as a special cloth for stainless appliances. Don’t forget to clean behind the refrigerator!


  • Remove and launder bedding, including pillows.
  • Vacuum, then flip or rotate mattresses. You can use special mattress attachments, like the Miele Mattress Nozzle, or an upholstery tool for this cleaning task.
  • Vacuum and organize closet and store winter clothing. Donate any unworn items from your winter section.

Use Fresh Wave Home Spray directly on mattresses to remove odours. 


  • Clean toilet, sink, shower walls, tub and mirrors.
  • Replace shower curtain liner if necessary.
  • Remove all items from medicine cabinet and clean the interior. Do the same for other storage areas in the bathroom like linen closest or under-the-sink storage.
  • Safely dispose of all expired or unused medications. Lean how to through the Medications Return Program.

Reliable’s hand-held EnviroMate steamer safely cleans tile surfaces of dirt, germs, and bacteria without harsh chemicals.

We hope this list helps you stay organized and focused during your spring cleaning, and provides some ideas for safe and specialized cleaning products and tools. Get the whole family involved and it will be done before you know it!

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