Eureka AirSpeed Vacuum Cleaners

Eureka AS1005 AirSpeed Vacuum in action

The Eureka AS1005 AirSpeed vacuum in action cleaning carpeting stairs.

If you’re looking for a quality upright vacuum at a reasonable price consider the Eureka AirSpeed Gold AS1001AE (bagless) or the Eureka AS1055AX (bagged). Bagged or bagless, the choice is yours.

Both models feature Eureka’s patented AirSpeed Technology. AirSpeed Technology ensures that air carrying dirt and dust takes the most direct route to the bag or chamber, minimizing resistance and maximizing suction. The dirt travels through two smooth tubes that have limited bends and turns, allowing more air to pass through the vacuum.  The direct air path from floor to cup (or bag) decreases the distance for dirt to travel, which increases the amount of airflow resulting in powerful suction.

Another unique use for AirSpeed Technology is that if you’re vacuuming with tools rather than the vacuum cleaner power nozzle you can change the setting to “tools” and the machine will direct the dirt directly from the attachment to the bag or cup. Most machines have the dirt traveling through the ribbed hose regardless of the surface being cleaned which results in lack of suction. In addition, the tubes that lead to the chamber or bag are much wider than on other vacuums.

Eureka AirSpeed Uprights are recommended for homes that are mostly carpeted. There is a height adjustment knob which raises and lowers the nozzle so it is at the correct height for the type of carpet being vacuumed. Proper height adjustment ensures the right level of agitation and suction for your carpet.

AirSpeed uprights are not recommended for bare floors as the agitator continues to spin even on the bare floor setting. Cleaning bare floors with this model requires a bare floor brush sold as a separate attachment.

Air quality and reduction of allergens is ensured with the dust cup filter which prevents fine dust from being sucked into the motor (less motor maintenance) and the HEPA exhaust filter which provides filtration to .3 micron particles. The air exiting the machine is virtually dust-free!

Both models’ extra-long hose and power cord give the machine a long reach and the vacuum’s light weight (18.5 lbs.) means it is easy to maneuver around obstacles and to move to different levels in your home.

A quality machine with powerful cleaning power at a reasonable price. Try one out today!

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