Persil Laundry Detergents

Persil Laundry detergent

Persil Laundry detergent

Persil laundry detergent may not be a household name in North America but over in the UK and Germany it is THE laundry soap of choice. At McHardy Vacuum we are proud to offer several Persil products that get the job done right while reducing harm to the environment and protecting sensitive skin.

Persil has the right product for your family’s needs- whether you prefer a gel, tab, or powder detergent, have small children or allergy sufferers in your home, or prefer a simple all-purpose detergent. McHardy Vacuum stocks several of them and can assist you in making the right choice.

Henkel, the manufacturer of Persil, has a long history of innovation in cleaning and beauty products. But the Persil line is still one of its best known offerings.

Persil was first developed in 1907 when chemists successfully combined sodium perborate – a bleaching agent with sodium silicate – a washing agent (hence “persil”) which released finely dispersed oxygen bubbles when the laundry was boiled. These oxygen bubbles bleached the laundry as would chlorine but in a much gentler, odourless way.

Henkel, the manufacturer, classified this detergent as “self-activating” and a laundry revolution was born. The bubbling action eliminated the need to stir, agitate, or rub the laundry – it “did the work of the washboard.” Washerwomen rejoiced!!

Throughout the years Persil improved and adapted their products for the changing times- developing detergents for drum washing machines in the 1960’s, finding phosphate alternatives in the 1980’s, and more recently marketing liquid, tablet, and pearl forms of its laundry detergents.

McHardy Vacuum stocks a number of Persil laundry detergents including Gel for Colour Loads, Universal Gel for all types of laundry, MegaPerls for Colour, MegaPerls Universal, Sensitive Powder, Sensitive Gel, and Sensitive Tabs.

The Sensitive line was introduced for those customers with sensitive skin or allergies, and for infants’ delicate skin. In collaboration with the German Allergy and Asthma Association chemists developed a formula free of dyes and strong fragrances that cleaned effectively without irritating sensitive skin.

The laundry isn’t going to do itself – do it right with Persil.

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