The Miele S8 Vacuum Line

Miele S8 Vacuum Cleaners

Pictured is the new Miele S8 Continuum Vacuum Cleaner

Has Miele Improved on Perfection?

Following the success of the Miele S6 canister vacuums, Miele has now released its impressive S8 full-size canister vacuum line. This new series once again makes indoor air quality the priority and adds some fancy features you won’t know how you lived without!

In addition to its new features, the S8 provides the usual quiet power and quality engineering of a Miele along with the standard accessories: a bare floor brush, powerhead for carpets, and three onboard tools (upholstery nozzle, crevice tool, and dusting brush).

Here are some highlights of the S8 series:

Air Quality:

  • Patented AirClean filter bag, HEPA filter, and Sealed System™ construction ensure that 99.9% of particulate matter – allergens, dust, pet hair, and dander – picked up by the vacuum are trapped and contained within the bag and filters.
  • Optional Active Air filters are available for odour control in homes with pets.


  • 3 swivel castors wheels ensure stability and fluid movement of the vacuum while in use.
  • A new feature specific to the Miele S8990 Continuum is a Dynamic Drive system, which replicates shock absorbers on the wheels. This allows for quiet and smooth transitions over thresholds, between different floor types, and on textured flooring

Controls and Settings:

  • Footswitch controls on the main vacuum body allows for easy selection of suction settings, powering on/off, and retracting the cord.
  • The auto setting on the Miele S8 Continuum automatically adjusts power to maintain the appropriate level of suction for every surface; reduces energy consumption.
  • Bag capacity indicator lets you know when it’s time to change the bag.

Noise Control:

  • The S8 line uses the Silence System Plus: a newly encapsulated motor and integrated insulation make the S8 exceptionally quiet without sacrificing power.


  • Three completed packages are available in dynamic colours: the S8370 Contour in Canary Yellow, the S8370 Dimension in Garnet Red, and the S8990 Continuum in Bronze Pearl.
  • The new sleigh design repositions the handle in relation to the canister. This makes the S8’s look sleek, but it also makes it lighter and easier to carry.


  • One touch 21’ retractable cord allows for a 500m2 wide cleaning area without having to change electrical outlets. When you’re done cleaning you simply press and release the cord retract button and the cord will neatly store itself inside the machine. Gone are the days of holding the cord retracting button!
  • A bumper strip is wrapped around the outside of the canister to prevent marking or damaging of walls and furniture, as well it helps the canister to move easily around obstacles.
  • Included is an integrated park system which improves storage of the wand and floor tool when using the SEB217-3 powerhead.

Once again Miele has impressed us with the new S8 vacuums, providing unmatched cleaning performance; as well as high quality vacuums that are designed to last. All current Miele vacuums are available for trial at both our London stores. You can also view images, read descriptions, and see user reviews on our website.

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