Win a Dyson while McHardy Vacuum is at WoofStock!

Dyson DC51 Vacuum Cleaner Contest

Would you like to win a Dyson DC51 Vacuum Cleaner!? See below for contest entry details.

McHardy Vacuum will be at Woofstock June 8-9 for a celebration of all things canine! WoofStock takes place in Toronto’s St.Lawrence Market District, and celebrates its 10th anniversary in 2013. What started as an offbeat festival for dogs and their humans has become a Toronto tradition, but it is far from traditional.

Woofstock has featured wacky events in the past such as “Yappy Hour” (complete with “Wooftini cocktails”), “Muttrimonial” celebrations (that’s dog weddings to you), and a “Doggleganger” contest where dogs impersonated their favourite celebrity.

So why is McHardy’s a preferred vendor at Woofstock, you ask? Well with dogs, comes dog hair. And Dyson offers a special Animal vacuum cleaner series, including the Dyson DC51, which feature attachments specially designed to clean animal hair off carpets and furniture. There is even a Groom tool to remove pet hair directly off your dog! Thank woofness!

In addition to vacuums, Dyson’s Air Multiplier fans are also an excellent choice for households with pets, especially where safety is a concern. Since the product does not use blades, there is no danger to an inquisitive pet. And because there is no grill, it is extremely easy to clean dust, dander, and animal hair off the fan.

McHardy’s will offer Tuesday delivery on all vacuum purchases from the show (except small products that can be purchased off the booth) to save dragging a cumbersome vacuum around the festival. Also, with any full size Dyson vacuum purchase (upright or canister) you will receive a free Dyson Total Clean Kit, a $137.99 value. In addition, any hand or stick vacuum purchase will receive a free Hand Held Cleaning kit, a $49.97 value.

Admission is free to this two day festival so pack up your pooch and head down to Dogtown- er, Hogtown for the weekend – and remember to stop at the McHardy Vacuum/ Dyson booth!

So are you ready to win a Dyson? While the McHardy Vacuum staff is busy preparing for the event, and cleaning up dog hair at WoofStock, we are offering you a chance to win a Dyson DC51 for your home. To enter the contest visit our WoofStock Contest Page and complete the entry form. The winner will be contacted June 17th 2013 and we will ship the vacuum directly to their front door. Good luck!

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