Dyson Contest Winner

The ballots are in, the contest is closed and we’ve selected the winner of the new Dyson DC51 Animal vacuum cleaner! Before we tell you who won we’d like to thank you for taking the time to enter and tell you a little bit more about Dyson’s Animal vacuum cleaners.  We’ve been vacuum cleaner experts since 1946 and we’re proud to support dyson vacuum cleaners as one of the most technologically advanced bagless vacuums available today.  Dyson’s team of engineers are constantly trying to improve the way we clean our homes and today’s models are better than ever!  Gone are the days of having a vacuum kick up a cloud of dust every time you turn it on.  With a Dyson, the dirt, dust and allergens stay inside until you’re ready to dispose of it.  It is because of this that we are able to fully support Dyson as a premium brand backed by our %110 Money Back Guarantee, Free Shipping and Free Returns anywhere in Canada!

Pet owners rejoice with the huge selection of cleaning attachments that come with the Dyson line of Animal vacuums.  And if your dog is into it, Dyson has the Groom Tool which is a brush designed to remove loose hair and dander right of your dog.  The hair is then sucked right into the vacuum so you don’t have to clean up two messes.

Check out the video of the Dyson Groom Tool in action…

And now what we’ve all been waiting for! 

The winner of the Dyson DC51 is…

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My favorite vacuum is my Beam Central Vacuum System. Mainly because of the Vac Pan in my kitchen that devours the kiddie's Cheerios and rice droppings.
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