Why We Sell More than Just Vacuums

More than just a vacuum store

More than just a vacuum store

Many people are surprised when they visit us in store, or online, and see that we sell more than just vacuums. Even though our main love is for vacuum cleaners, we here at McHardy Vacuum are committed to providing the highest quality products that help you clean your living environment. Anything that will keep you, your family, or your work space running clean and efficiently is what we strive to carry. Whether it is air purifiers, cleaning products, laundry detergents, fans, and of course vacuums, we want to help you choose the best product for your specific needs and expectations.

However, we don’t carry just any cleaning products. Like our vacuums we ensure our products are of the highest quality and performance, and we offer numerous environmentally friendly options. Before we decide to carry a product we test them in our own homes and within our stores. We want to make sure that what we are suggesting really does what it says it will, and not to mention if you’re going to be spending money on a product you want to know that it actually works!

Our company began with the idea to service “all models and makes of vacuums,” but has since grown into so much more. To be honest, more than just flooring needs to be cleaned in our day-to-day living environment, and we truly believe our motto that “cleaning your home today for a healthier tomorrow” should encompass every aspect of your home and its environment.

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