Why We Sell Miele Products

Miele Care Collection at McHardy Vacuum

Products from Miele's Care Collection are available at McHardy Vacuum

Miele first started producing butter churns when it was founded in 1899, since then Miele has expanded their product line to include top quality vacuums and household appliances. Being known as one of the best appliance manufactures in the world, Miele now offers cleaning and specialty products for use with their machines.

Miele has several different laundry detergents on the market, each one is specially formulated to clean the multiple fabrics you own and cherish. The products include liquid and powder detergents for colored clothes, delicates, down products, and sportswear. They also offer liquid fabric softener, and a special powder laundry detergent for people with sensitive skin. These products provide an amazing result in Miele washing machines and also provide a boost to the cleaning power of other washing machines on the market.

If you suffer from hard water, or experience stuck on food at the end of your dishwasher’s cleaning cycle Miele has a solution for you. Miele offers dishwasher Rinse Aid, dishwasher Salt for use in household with hard water, and Miele dishwasher Tabs for removing food particles from dishes. Not only do these products improve the results in your Miele dishwasher, they also help other dishwashers cleaner better.

Miele doesn’t stop at laundry detergents and dishwasher products; the company has also developed a line of cleaners for their automatic coffee machines. Miele’s descaling tablets, cleaning tablets, and milk pipework cleaning solution will help reduce residue, calcium build-ups, and grime from your coffee machine. These products allow you to have that perfect cup of coffee every morning!

With a slogan of “Always Better” we carry Miele vacuums and the Miele Care Collection products because we know you will be impressed with the performance of everything Miele. Try one of the Miele Care Collection products for improved performance in your current appliance.

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