Why we sell Dyson Fans and Heaters

Dyson at McHardy Vacuum

Enjoy the comfort a Dyson AM03 fan can bring.

When most people thinking about vacuums ‘Dyson’ comes to mind. However, many people do not know about Dyson’s Environmental products. This includes the Dyson fans and heaters that will keep you comfortable year round.

Dyson fans and heaters use Air Multiplier technology to draw in and amplify surrounding air. There are no fast-spinning blades or visible heating elements, which makes the machines safer for pets and young children. The Dyson Hot has an automatic cut out switch that turns the machine off if it gets tipped over. They project a stream of smooth air, to cool or heat the room, whatever your climate needs are.

The airflow direction is adjustable, and with its touch-tilt and oscillation technology it disperses air right where you want it. A remote control, which is available on select units, allows you to adjust the settings from across the room. Dyson has kept your individual space and needs in mind with developing different sizes to cool different spaces; there is a desk, tower, and pedestal sized fan. As well, since they draw on low amperage they use less electricity, and can help you save money on your hydro bill.

The technology and safety features, as well as the 2 year warranty provided by Dyson, is why we believe these products will be a great addition to your home. Warm up this winter, and cool down in the summer, with Dyson fans and heaters.

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