Why We Sell Persil and Perwoll Laundry Detergent

Persil and Perwoll DetergentAmong the different types of detergents we carry at McHardy Vacuum, Persil and Perwoll are without a doubt one of our top sellers. Many customers who inquire about these products ask: “What makes it such a good detergent?” Persil is a premium laundry detergent suitable for use with most fabrics, and all washing machines (including High Efficiency). Persil cleans fabrics in temperatures between 20°C and 95°C and features a biodegradable formula that cleans with power but also reduces the impact on the environment by not containing harsh bleaches or dyes. This has made Persil the bestselling laundry detergent in Europe for years.

There are several different types of Persil you can choose from depending on your laundry needs.

Persil Mega Pearls Universal Powder laundry detergent is a premium, heavy duty, powder detergent that reaches deep into fibers to clean stubborn stains. Its fresh, crisp, clean scent lasts all day, and its anti-graying formula keeps your whites dazzling with a powerful active stain remover. This product is suitable for all washable fabrics except wool, silk or delicate fabrics and is available in 2.7kg or 6.kg boxes for your ease and convenience.

Persil Color Mega Pearls has an active stain dissolving agent giving it the ability to clean the most stubborn stains. It also contains a long-term colour protection formula that ensures colors won’t fade over time. Persil Color Mega Pearls is available in a 2.7kg box.

Persil Sensitive Mega Pearls is a heavy duty detergent that is gentle enough to use for baby’s clothing, or for people with sensitive skin. This dermatologically tested formula containing almond milk and aloe vera is suitable for washing in temperatures as low as 20°C and is available in a 1.2kg package.

For wool or silk fabrics, we carry Perwoll Laundry Detergent. This is infused with care balsam that restores softness in the most sensitive wool products. It is suitable for all fine fabrics such as silk, cotton, linen, cashmere, down, and membrane textiles. Its clean rinsing formula is gentle enough for hand washing even your most delicate fabrics, and will leave fabrics soft and supple. This detergent is environmentally friendly as it does not contain any optical brighteners or bleaches and is available in a 1.5L bottle.

For cleaner clothes try Persil and Perwool products today!

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