Odours: The Difference Between Masking and Eliminating

Eliminating Odours

Smelly odours have you in a funk? Learn how to eliminate odours instead of masking them

No matter how an odour is created there’s nothing more frustrating than a lingering smell that won’t go away, no matter how many times you clean your home. Everyone takes steps to get rid of odours, however many people do not know the difference between masking and eliminating odours.

Eliminating: breaking down the molecules and releasing them as odour neutral particles.

Masking: covering up the bad smell with a stronger fragrance. Once the fragrance fades you are still left with the original odour.

Regardless of how the odour originated using certain candles, aerosol sprays, air sponges, and oils only temporarily mask the odours. Not to mention they aren’t actually making the air cleaner, they are just temporally covering up the odours with a nicer fragrance.

In order to fully eliminate the odours you need a product that will break down the proteins and bacteria that are causing the odours. Products such as active charcoal filters, enzyme or natural based odour eliminators take hold of the bacteria and break them down. This ultimately eliminates the harsh odour and leaves you and your home with cleaner breathable air.

For specific remedies on eliminating odours in the air, on your floors, in your vacuum, and on your pets keep reading the posts below.

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