Eliminating Vacuum Cleaner Odours

Eliminate Vacuum Odours

Does the smell of your vacuum cleaner have you in a funk? Try the tips below for relief.

Have you ever wondered why you bother cleaning your home when your vacuum seems to leave an overpowering odour behind? It is common for vacuum cleaners to develop an odour over years of use, which is usually more intense when the machine is running. Instead of throwing out your vacuum why not try a few simple steps to help eliminate the odour:

The first thing you can do is make sure the bag has been changed. With each use the vacuum bag does accumulate odours, and bacteria; even if the bag isn’t full. So make sure you are changing the bag regularly, and do not allow the bag to over fill. If your vacuum has an exterior reusable dumb bag it is a good idea to clean them out as well. Most exterior vacuum cleaner bags can be machine washed and line dried, or take a damp washcloth or rag with a bit of anti-bacterial spray and wipe the inside and outside down.

Filters are another important aspect of keeping your vacuum running and smelling right. Aside from changing filters regularly, if your machine is designed to use an optional charcoal filter it is recommended to use them. Charcoal filters are designed to filter out microscopic particles from the air that is sucked into the vacuum. Activated charcoal filters are designed to remove all types of odours such as pet, smoke or perfume; when these particles come in contact with the charcoal they are immediately locked in place. This means the odours will not permeate throughout your home, or become embedded in the plastic components of the vacuum.

To prevent odours from forming in your vacuum in the first place there are preventive measures that can be performed. First it is a good idea to know what you should and shouldn’t use your vacuum for:

You should never use your vacuum to suck up wet food messes. Not only is it possible to damage the machine with the moisture, but there is a good chance that the food will spoil inside the bag – giving off a rotting odour. It is also never a good idea to clean up any fecal matter, or a cat’s litter box, with your vacuum. Not only is it unhygienic but the odour and bacteria can become absorbed into the plastics, and be released into the air when your vacuum is in use. A good rule to follow: if it can be picked up by hand don’t use the vacuum to remove the item.

These simple steps can help prevent your vacuum cleaner from developing an odour, and allow you to clean your house even better.

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