Persil Laundry Detergent

Persil Laundry Detergents

Persil laundry detergents will provide an unbeatable clean

Persil, Germany’s No. 1 laundry detergent, is designed to give you a deep clean for flawless looking laundry. Persil is notable because it was the first commercially available “self-activated” laundry detergent. Now you can have Germany’s best clean in your own home!

Since its creation in 1907, Persil laundry care products make washing your clothes and fabrics effortless. It has a specially formulated detergent which lifts away stubborn soils and stains.

At McHardy Vacuum we carry three of Persil’s best performing laundry detergents; Universal detergent to take care of all of your laundry, Colour detergent which is specially formulated to brighten your colours without the use of bleach, and a Sensitive detergent formulated to be gentle so no skin irritation occurs.

Try Persil laundry detergents today and see how good your clothes can look!

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