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James Dyson Foundation

Visit the Engineering Lab website for fun and interactive learning experiences

The James Dyson Foundation opened its first interactive engineering exhibit at the Science World in Vancouver on Dec. 1st, 2011. Science World Canada is a non-profit organization that engages young people in science and technology. With up to 5,000 visitors every day, the young minds are able to explore engineering and technological theories. The success of this showcase was so great Dyson launched a virtual exhibit of the Engineering Lab online.

The online Engineering Lab is designed for young people, and helps to inspire and unleash their interest in design engineering by encouraging them to think creatively. “Canada has a strong legacy of engineering, research, and development – from the creation of the Trans-Canada railway to the invention of insulin,” explained James Dyson. “Investing in young people will allow this success to continue – and grow.”

With illustrations and videos the Engineering Lab classroom is where children will learn about velocity, gravity, and other engineering principles. Parents and educators can take part in the James Dyson Foundation challenges through downloading hands-on educational problem solving activities that are completed without the use of a computer.  With these activities they can build spaghetti bridges, marble runs, and even construct their own Science World geodesic dome.

If you are looking for a new way to simulate the mind of your child, or grandchild, over the summer holiday, visit Dyson’s Engineering Lab. Through this interactive website you and your children can discover the fun side of problem solving. This will help foster children’s natural curiosity and questioning, while allowing you hours of quality relationship building with your child. Who knows, maybe your child will turn into the next innovative inventor like James Dyson himself. . .

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