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James Dyson Foundation

The James Dyson Foundation strives to inspire youth to engage with engineering and design.

Here at McHardy Vacuum we love the Dyson machines – they look great and perform even better. However, we are also a big fan of Dyson for other reasons. Large organizations and businesses can sometimes get lost in the chaos of a corporate world, but Dyson has found a way to connect with the youth of our country to help foster a better future.

The James Dyson Foundation was created in 2002 to support design and engineering education. This type of education “encourages people to think differently, make mistakes, and invent.” The idea comes from James Dyson’s beliefs that “design engineering is part of our DNA…Fundamentally, everything we use has been crafted, agonized over, and produced by our design engineering ancestors and contemporaries.” We need to honor this mentality, and help our children learn how to invent the products of the future.

The foundation supports schools, as well as medical and scientific research in partnerships with respected charities. To help school aged children harness their inner engineer the Dyson Foundation has created the “Engineering Box,” which is a box filled with activities for schools to use as a teaching aid. The Foundation loans the boxes to schools for four weeks, free of charge. The Engineering Box enables students to take apart and examine a Dyson DC26 vacuum cleaner, turbine heads, and other Dyson products. Also include is a James Dyson Foundation teacher pack for enriched lessons.

Another way the Foundation inspires young minds is with the James Dyson Awards. This is an international design award that “celebrates, encourages and inspires the next generation of design engineers.” It is organized and run by the James Dyson Foundation Charitable Trust and is open to graduates in the fields of product design, industrial design, and engineering.

Keep reading below as we highlight our favorite thing about the James Dyson Foundation’s interactive website: The Engineering Lab.

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