Fresh Wave the Natural Odour Eliminator

Fresh Wave Products

Fresh Wave products are safe for children, pets, and the environment.

The Fresh Wave Natural Odour Eliminator products are the perfect solution to eliminate odors naturally – keeping your family’s environment safe and chemical free. With over 20 years of experience in odor control Fresh Wave’s creator, OMI Industries, use proven science and natural ingredients that bond with odors to safely get rid of smells in the air, on fabrics, or in confined spaces – anywhere odors lurk. The Fresh Wave product line-up consists of sprays, crystallized gels, candles, vacuum pearls, laundry wash, carpet shakers, pearl packs, and even a baby safe line; all of which contain natural ingredients including: lime, pine needles, aniseed clove, cedarwood, and water.

Fresh Wave’s most popular products are their spray, crystallized gel, and vacuum pearls. The Fresh Wave Spray is a non-toxic formula so it’s safe to use around pets and kids. This means you can apply Fresh Wave Spray to deodorize pillows, pet beds, and any other fabric areas. The Fresh Wave Crystal Gel deodorizes any room and area just by opening the jar; airflow activates the unscented gel to quickly eliminate odours such as must and smoke. This gel will last about 60-90 days depending on conditions. The Vacuum Pearls are a great addition to vacuum bags as they breakdown and eliminate any unwanted odour particles that enter the vacuum bag, therefore preventing them from being expelled back into your home.

Since none of the products are created with artificial perfumes you’ll never have to worry about headaches or any symptoms of irritation occurring. This is ideal for allergy sufferers or anyone that is scent sensitive; making Fresh Wave work great in spaces such as cars, cabins, cottages, lockers, gym bags, or even in shoes.

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