E-Cloth: the Microfiber Cleaning Solution

Stainless Steel Cleaning Cloth from ECloth

With cloths designed to clean Stainless Steel E-Cloths are perfect for the kitchen

Have you ever wondered why people use cleaning products that need to be kept out of reach from children, yet use these products where children and pets play?  Have you ever considered how much chemical residue is left behind, or what these chemicals are doing while we use them? With the E-Cloth Microfiber Cleaning cloths you never have to worry about what gets left behind, or the dangers of chemicals. E-Cloth has a line of cloths designed to clean areas throughout your home with only the cloths and water; you never have to use another chemical product again.

Since 1995, E-Cloth has perfected the idea of green cleaning with their patented fiber cloth technology. Using high quality fibers, the construction of each cloth is specifically selected for the cloth’s end use, whether it is in the kitchen, shower, on glass, or on your stainless steel appliances.  As you draw an E-Cloth across a surface the fibers clean by breaking up, trapping, and absorbing dirt, grease, and bacteria into the cloth. The fibers’ exceptional cleaning power leaves no dirt, residues, or chemicals behind. E-Cloths are made from a mix of nylon and polyester and processed in multiple ways to achieve the best possible result on the different surfaces you are cleaning.

E-Cloth does not pre-infuse their cleaning cloths with chemicals or scents. This makes these cloths suitable for anyone who suffers from allergies or scent sensitivity. E-Cloths are recommended for use by Miele, NEFF, and Smeg. For more information about the bacteria reduction capabilities of E-Cloth view the Silliker Group study here.

These cloths unquestionably outperform and outlast traditional cloths and other cloths made with similar, but lower quality fibers, on the market. All E-Cloth Microfiber cloths have a 300 wash guarantee which means you can spend less time and money on paper towels and wipes, and more time doing the things you want to.

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