Vacuum Attachments that can help Allergy sufferers

Dog sitting on Mattress

Find out why your mattress and animals can be causing your allergy symptoms

Cleaning your home with rags, toothbrushes, brooms, and potent chemicals is ineffective at removing allergens and can contain harmful irritants to allergy sufferers. Did you know that your vacuum can actually take the place of all these cleaning techniques just by using the proper attachments? Additional vacuum attachments such as vacpan’s, long crevice tools, mattress tools, and grooming tools will not only clean your house but help reduce the allergens.

Central vacuum Vacpan’s eliminate the need to sweep debris from your kitchen, or hallways into a tiny dustpan. Instead just flip the switch and sweep the debris into the Vacpan outlet and watch the dirt get sucked away. No more guessing if you got all of the dirt into the dust pan, or worrying about putting the dirt back into the air when you dump it out.

Large appliances like refrigerators are magnets for dust and allergens that become trapped behind the unit. When the motor cycles on and off the allergens are cycled throughout your home. With an extended crevice tool it is easy to get under and behind appliances to capture all the dirt and allergens quickly and easily.

Mattresses are another object in households that often get neglected. Just think of all the extra skin, dust, and allergens your bed collects over the years. Studies prove dust mites will find a home in your mattress, with your dead skin cells, blood, and saliva being their main source of food. Having a mattress tool will allow you to suck up the unwanted particles joining you in bed while helping to reduce the irritants around you.

Pet dander can be problematic for allergy suffers. Grooming tools that fit on the end of your vacuum hose are ideal for pets that enjoy the vacuum. They allow you to brush your pet and eliminate the hair and dander before it becomes a problem. However, for pets’ that are scared of the vacuum there are mini turbo heads that can remove hair from any upholstered surface.

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