Hoover F5912 Carpet Cleaner

Hoover F5912 Carpet Cleaner

Experience the Power of a Hoover Carpet Cleaner

We all want clean carpets – but sometimes we need a little help. If you have a stubborn stain or want to thoroughly clean your carpets with a cleaning agent a carpet cleaner is what you need. Carpet cleaners are versatile machines that can clean wide area carpets, furniture, and mattresses.

Whether you have messy children, want a fresher looking carpet, or tired of expensive and time consuming visits from cleaning companies there are important things to consider when choosing a carpet cleaner:

Look for carpet cleaners with cleaning tools. These allow you to use your carpet cleaner on furniture, stairs, or anywhere else that needs a little freshening up. The Hoover F5912 comes standard with a hand held spin scrub. This allows you to use the power of the carpet cleaner to scrub out any tough stains on a variety of surfaces. Carpet cleaners without these tools are limited, and can only be used on flat carpets.

Rinse carpets with water after using a soap solution. This helps to remove any soap residue left in the carpet (important for households with small children and pets) and flushes the lines of any unused soap. With the Hoover F5912 all you need to do is rinse out the clean water and soap container and refill it with just clean water. Inset it back into your carpet cleaner, and use it just like normal.

Choose a carpet cleaner without a heater (or do not use the heater on the carpet cleaner that you have). We find the heater can cause the cleaning agents and soaps to expand and turn to a solid state – this causes the lines of the carpet cleaner to clog and not work properly. This can lead to unsatisfactory cleaning results, and costly repairs. It is also important to use a high quality carpet shampoo such as the Carpet Care Solution. Some solutions can be highly diluted which provides a weaker clean. Using a higher quality shampoo without a heater will provide the best overall results. We have found the Hoover F5912 SteamVac® SpinScrub® TurboPower® Carpet Washer easy to maintain, and efficient at removing unwanted soap from the lines.

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