It is that time of year again – Spring Cleaning

Whether you dread the thought of cleaning every nook and cranny of your home, or are the type of person who enjoys getting your hands dirty we have tips and tricks for you.

This spring leave the chemicals behind and really get clean.

Use Steam for a Deep Clean.
The heat created from a steam cleaner helps you power through dirt and grime, as well it kills the bacteria and germs living in your home. Handheld versions, like the Pronto P7 from Reliable, come with a hose and attachments for cleaning many types of surfaces. The larger mop steamers from Reliable, including the SteamBoy, are ideal if your stone, tile, or laminate flooring needs to be freshened up. As well, many steam cleaners come with a ‘Carpet Glide’ which allows you to take the steamer onto your carpeted surfaces.

Since you are only using water in the system there are no chemical particles to breathe in or chemical residues left behind. This is especially important because small children and pets are commonly closest to flooring surfaces. With no solutions or chemicals to buy most steamers have zero operating costs after initial purchase.

For your sanity and pocketbook, please do not use steam cleaners on hardwood floors. Find out why here.

Get Rid of Harsh Chemicals.
Chemicals may help clean the dirt you see, but they can leave dangers like residues and fumes behind. Microfiber cleaning cloths are a great alternative to harsh chemicals, the hooked fibers on the cloths are designed to lift and remove dirt particles. Our E-Cloth Microfiber products are specifically designed for multipurpose cleaning, and are endorsed by Miele and Electrolux. All E-Cloths are reusable and machine washable – saving you the cost of disposable cleaning products, like paper towels and sponges.

If you do need to use a cleaning solution, look for ones that are made with biodegradable ingredients and do not contain VOC’s. The Greener Choice line of cleaners – including the Toilet Bowl solution are made in Canada, are phosphate free, and are biodegradable. Your lungs and the environment will thank you.

Take Daily Measures to reduce breathing problems.
If spring time creates breathing issues for you try an Air Purifier unit. Even with weekly cleaning and vacuuming dust can still be tracked in or stirred up daily. This is especially true if there are animals in the household. An Air Purifier unit can be left running 24 hours a day, and located in any room.

A system like the IQ Air Health Pro Plus will help to bring down the dust particles in your home, and help to improve overall indoor air quality. Rated as the only Air Purifier on the market with a ‘0’ (zero) dust emissions reading the IQ Air Purifier will reduce triggers associated with Allergies and Asthma and allow you to breathe easier.

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