Miele S6 Vacuum Cleaners Now In Canada

Miele S6270 Contour in Chilli Red

The Miele S6 vacuum line is now available in Canada. Miele has retired the S4 line as they were limited in the fact that you could not add an electric power nozzle to them.  Now with the S6 you have all of the great features of the light weight and powerful S4’s but now they can be configured with an electric power brush.  For those of you with little to no carpet there is still the option of purchasing one with only a floor brush, or combination tool.  The Miele S6270 Contour comes with the SBD650 AirTeQ combination tool which is the ideal attachment if you have a mixture of bare floor and area carpets with low traffic.  It’s simple design allows you to step on a pedal which extends or retracts a set of brushes when going from carpet to bare floor.  If you need a little more agitation on your low to medium pile carpets consider the Miele S6270 Momentum vacuum which comes standard with the air driven STB205 turbo nozzle and SBB300 Parquet Twister floor brush.  The air driven head has an agitating brush which provides a deeper clean than the flat AirTeQ combination tool.  And for those of you out there with lots of carpeting and medium to high traffic, consider the S6270 Momentum Plus which includes the electric SEB217 power nozzle. If you need ultimate filtration and prefer to choose your own power head then the Miele S6290 Continuum is the vacuum for you.  This fully electrified model comes with the SBB300 Parquet Twister floor brush, HEPA filter installed and you have the freedom to select any carpet tool you desire.  No carpet? No problem, just order as is and you have the ultimate bare floor machine and you can always purchase a power head if you decide to get carpeting.


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