How to Clean a Shag Rug?

Green Shag Rug

What is the best way to clean this carpet?

Back by popular demand the famous green shag rugs are covering beautiful hardwood floors everywhere.  That’s ok, I have one too and love it but the question is what is the best way to clean a shag rug?  Many simply use their vacuum the same way the would on any other carpet only to have the power head literally eat up the rug.

In order to remove the most amount of lint and dust with out damaging the carpet you need two things. First high airflow – not just the feeling of suction pressure like when you stick your hand on the end of the hose and it sticks.  A vacuum with high airflow is one that has a significant amount of pressure but also moves a mass amount of air at that pressure.  A good example of vacuum cleaners that can do this are a Beam Central Vacuum or the German made Miele Canister Vacuums.  Next you need the right attachments.  A powerhead (rotating brush) is too aggressive for shag so you need to be more gentle.  We’ve found that the ideal attachments are a floor brush and carpet rake.  Yes, I said carpet rake and it looks just like what you’re imagining right now.  The floor brush will to a great overall job at cleaning while the carpet rake will groom the fibers and help bring more lint and hair to the surface.  The key is having high airflow to suck the dirt away.

Rake your shag rugs to help keep their form.

Shag Carpet Rake Vacuum Cleaner Attachment

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