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Fall is that wonderful time of year where we all move back indoors and start to notice that film on our floors as proof of our busy summer.  Now that you can see the Nike footprints in your hardwood floors from certain family members, you have to figure out a way to clean them.  This leads into one of our most frequently asked questions; “What’s the best way to clean my hardwood floors?”

We get a lot of people asking about steamers.  Are they really all they’re cracked up to be?  While steam cleaners are a very effective and chemical free way of cleaning floors, we wouldn’t suggest using them on hardwood. Steamers use only water and a microfiber cloth which are very safe and environmentally friendly.  But when using a steamer on hardwood floors the steam is forced out of the machine.  This pressure causes the steam to work its way into the seams and scratches of the hardwood which will lead to warping and water damage over time.  We suggest using steam to clean stone, tile, vinyl and linoleum.

Now what about these sweeping cleaner pad units we see everywhere?  The idea is great but be cautious of what cleaners you’re using; some can be harsh chemicals.  One microfiber mop system we discovered is the Bona hardwood cleaner.  This is a water based (no toxic chemicals) cleaner with a washable (not disposable) microfiber cloth.  All you do is spray a light misting on the ground and wipe it up with the Bona microfiber mop pad.  This is an awesome system as it does not spray too much water down and the detergent is safe for your family and your hardwood floors.

What happens though when the Bona system can’t handle the tracked in mud and cups of juice spilled all over the place?  Hoover has come to the rescue with the same technology they use in their successful carpet shampooers.  It’s called the Hoover FloorMate and will safely clean any type of hard floor surface.  This unit is designed to gently scrub a mixture of FloorMate detergent and water then pick it up leaving no water to damage the floors.  In our testing the FloorMate was able pick up dirt that was left behind by the steamers, Bona, and even scrubbing on our hands and knees with the same effort vacuuming takes.  You can even use the Hoover FloorMate as a dry vacuum and even a wet vac for those occasional spills.

Overall the choice is yours depending on how much dirt you typically get in the house considering traffic.  Be sure to check out our satisfaction guaranteed selection of hardwood floor cleaners.

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